17 Short Curly Hairstyles To Amp Up Your Look!

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaNov 30, 2023
17 Short Curly Hairstyles to Amp up your look!

Curly hair is cool! Curly locks are dense and often so thick that you cannot comb your strands through. But, at the end of the day, if styled and cared for in the right manner, curly hair can look amazing. And short curly hair is even more so, with all its volume and beauty. Short curly hairstyles are many and they can totally transform your look.

Let’s take a look at some of the best short curly hairstyles that you can sport. It’s time to get that mane sorted with a whirlwind transformation.


1. Pixie cut for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

If you have voluminous curls, nothing works better than a pixie. Though it looks better if you have a pixie face, i.e. small and angular, but even with chubby faces, this works better because of the dense locks of curls that you have. Sporting a pixie cut is cool and catchy. Also, it is super easy to maintain. Just a few trips to the parlour and you are sorted.


2. Tight ringlets for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Ringlets are the boldest and stylish short curly hairstyle. Especially if you have curls of short-medium hair length, these ringlets will bounce off your face, giving your entire hair structure a healthy bounce and volume.


3. Short wavy lob for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Want a fresh and youthful vibe to your short curls? Short wavy lob or long bob is the way to be. It gives you an overall fresh and messy look which does not look dingy. Instead, it adds a new and young vibe to your whole persona. You can either straighten your curls a bit to get these waves or just go with the natural texture. These look good on moderate curls, too.


4. Shaved side for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Want to add an edge to your short curly hairstyles? This is the one you should pick. This has an undercurrent of a buzzcut and an undercut and is super cool and chic to look at. This one particularly looks good when you have thinning or wispy curls as it shaves the sides and focuses the entire volume on the crown area, giving your face the illusion of length.


5. Vintage curls for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Do you want your curls with a touch of retro? Then this is it. This works well with soft curls and sets them in a Marilyn Monroe-esque way. Swipe on that bold and bright red lip and you are ready to rock the curls, the vintage way.


6. Crown braid for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Well, if you thought crown braids can only be a part of long hair, you may be a tad wrong. Yes, short curls can also flaunt it. Only, you should have short-medium hair or just a little long enough to have a grip. With a little practice, you can create that crown braid perfectly. This looks best at weddings and formal occasions. Just add an accessory to the braid and you will look perfect.


7. Bob and bangs for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

This is one messy hairdo that you should definitely take a look at if you are the one who just likes nothing more than running the brush through your hair and being ready. These bobs and bangs are perfect for curls with medium intensity and more of a wavy texture and gives you that perfect ‘just out of bed’ look, with a touch of sophistication.


8. Pixie cut with curly bangs

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Have a gorgeous pixie curl cut and want to add a pinch of spunk to it? Add bangs. Yes, you may think that bangs may not be a choice for curly hair, but they are! The best way to flaunt these is by waving the curls in one direction and shaving off the sides to focus all the volume on the top.


9. Pinned up curls

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

This is another one where the focus is on the crown. Just that unlike the pixie cut with curly bangs, here, you do not need to shear away the side curls. You can just pin those inwards. Just a few bobby pins and you are sorted. Your crown will be a fountain of curls, gorgeous and brimming with life.


10. Messy crop for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

This one is a mix of a bob and a pixie cut and is immensely fashionable. This one is the best of both worlds as it combines a bob with a pixie cut, giving it an overall messy crop appearance.


11. Marilyn Monroe style for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Who does not love Marilyn Monroe? The lady was an epitome of sensual grace, with a style that surpassed generations and hopped ahead of time. This one is a mop and a bloody good one! Bonus points if you have blonde hair. It will match with the persona of the legendary actress!


12. Wavy pixie for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Another take on the legendary pixie cut, this is also one of the short curly hairstyles that has an edge to it. This one is super glamorous as it fashions your curls into large waves by blow-drying it upwards and adding immense volume to the overall hair. Use a wide barrel curling wand, we suggest for this one.


13. Curly pixie for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Now this one’s a basic and also the most-loved and popular one. Why not get a short pixie for your curls? It’s feminine and super cute. Add a decorative hairpin for occasions and you are good to go.


14. Headband hairdo for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Headbands add an aura of delicacy to every hairstyle and haircut. Short curly hairstyles are no different. In fact, these are the best for creating a headband hairdo. It gives the illusion of your curls pinned up at your crown, thus adding volume to the look. For occasions, you can add a jeweled headband too.


15. Side braid for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Again, who said that people with short curls cannot flaunt braids? Side braids are super awesome when fashioned out of short curls. Just ensure that you have a short-medium hair length so that your curls have room enough to be held.


16. Buzz cut for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

If you have naturally curly hair and want a severe military look with precision, do not be afraid to experiment and go all out. A buzz cut or an undercut will be a great choice.


17. Highlights for curly hair

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Well, when you don’t want to do anything to your actual curls yet want something different, let highlights come to your rescue. Go soft with gold or bronze highlights or with deeper and brighter shades of blue, red, or even green. Your curls will bounce off and gleam in the sunlight, giving you the perfect spin that you desired.


FAQs on short curly hairstyles

FAQs on short curly hairstyles

Q. How can I sleep to not disturb my curls much?

A. Well, we all can do well with some advice on that. After all, waking up like there is a mop on your head which you have to then spend hours managing isn’t exactly the point of having a short and convenient hairstyle. And with curls, mismanagement can often turn into a nightmare, leading to hair loss. We may have a few tips to share. Try sleeping on silk. It is good for the hair. Additionally, before hitting the bed, hydrate your hair using a leave-in conditioner or a serum and then pin it up or tie in a top knot. These tips will ensure that you do not wake up to a tangled mess.

Q. Which is one of the best short curly hairstyles?

A. Well, we just gave you a whole list! The best way is to figure out which one suits you best on your face shape and on your personality. Go for shears and buzzcuts if you want something edgy, and for messy crops if you want something soft.

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