3 Tips To Protect Your Hair Before Applying Heat  

Written by Lopa KFeb 08, 2023
3 Tips to Protect Your Hair Before Applying Heat  

Not sure what to apply before using hair straightener? Well, we’ve got you with some easy DIY heat protectants and how you can keep your hair safe and stylish. 

You must have heard of heat damaging hair. So what to apply before using hair straightener? From using natural oils to specially formulated heat protection serums, there are tons of ways that you can protect your hair. But whatever your go-to method is, never skip on heat protection as your hair can turn dry and brittle if you are not careful. 

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Tips to protect your hair against heat - the basics  

Out of all the things that stress out our tresses, heat damage has to be the absolute worst. We just want perfectly-styled hair without having to worry about heat damage — is that too much to ask for? Well, we're glad to report that the answer is no! If you want to style your mane with a hot tool, worry about heat damage no longer as we are going to share with you what to apply before using hair straightener. From a few DIY heat protectants up our sleeve to some useful tips that will protect your tresses from all sorts of heat damage, let’s take a look at the solutions. 

What to apply before using hair straightener  

If you want to know what to apply before using hair straightener, you are in the right place. We have curated the best three natural ingredients that you can use to make DIY heat protection sprays for you to use. All you need is a spray bottle to store the concoction! 

what to apply before using hair straightener woman long brown hair

DIY Coconut oil heat protectant   

By now you should know that coconut oil makes an appearance in almost every hair-related query. It's pretty much why it's a centuries-old remedy which every Indian household swears by. As one of the most widely-used ingredients to improve hair health, a coconut oil-infused heat protectant is perhaps the easiest and most effective one out there. Along with having a high smoke point (350 degrees, in case you were wondering), coconut oil is also a great strengthening oil that acts as a protective barrier between your strands and heat. Here's how you can make a coconut heat protectant at home. 

Step 1 - Take a cup of filtered water, and add a tablespoon of melted coconut oil to it. 

Step 2 - Using a funnel, carefully pour this mixture into a spray bottle that you can use handily. 

Step 3 - Add four drops of almond oil to this mixture since it will boost the shine in your hair, and soften your strands too. 

Step 4 - Finally, add a tablespoon of your go-to conditioner for that extra boost of hydration and shine, and shake the bottle until all the ingredients are completely mixed. 

what to apply before using hair straightener woman long brown hair

DIY Aloe vera heat protectant  

But if you are tired of the smell of coconut oil, don’t worry, we have another solution. The unscented aloe vera is a fantastic ingredient for improving hair health, but did you know that it works as a barrier against heat damage too? That's what makes it such a must-have heat protectant too. It also adds shine to your hair and strengthens weak and dry strands. Here's how you can make an aloe vera heat protectant at home. 

Step 1 - Pour half a cup of filtered water into a spray bottle and add a couple of tablespoons of aloe vera gel into the mixture. 

Step 2 - To add an extra layer of protection, add six to eight drops of olive oil or almond oil to this solution and mix the combination well. And you are ready to go! 

Pro-tip: You can also use this as a normal hair spray since this one will boost the shine in your strands. It can also reduce dandruff when sprayed on the scalp and rejuvenate your hair health like nobody’s business. 

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DIY Argan oil heat protectant  

If you have Morocco’s liquid gold in your hands, why not use it to defend your hair against heat? Using argan oil on your mane before you use hot tools can be an absolute game-changer. Since the oil contains antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E, it will manage to nourish your mane inside-out and act as a barrier between your mane and the heat. Bonus? Argan oil has a higher burning point than other oils (yep, even coconut oil) and can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees, making it a great pick for heat protection. Here's how you can make an argan oil heat protectant at home. 

Step 1 - In an oil mister spray bottle, take half a cup of argan oil as-is. Don't use a regular spray bottle since the oil could clog it up. 

Step 2 - Cap it, and that's all you need! Use it as a leave-in oil or a heat protectant, and store it in a cool, dry place to ensure it lasts you a long time. 

Pro-tip: You can also use the spray before or after a hair wash as argan oil helps recover your hair’s natural shine. It also gives you all the benefits of a natural oil minus the stickiness. 

what to apply before using hair straightener woman long brown hair

But if you're too lazy to make your own heat protection spray, turn to a store-bought one. Our go-to is the TRESemme Gloss Ultimate Serum. This heat protectant manages to shield your strands from up to 230 degrees of heat, while boosting shine, fighting frizz, and increasing your hair gloss, thanks to the goodness of coconut, macadamia and sunflower seed oil present in it. It also helps to style your hair. Simply add a few pumps to your palms and evenly spread it through your tresses before straightening them. 

FAQs about tips to protect your hair before applying heat  

Is heat protection good for hair? 

Directly using a heat-styling tool like a hair dryer, curler or straightener can literally fry your hair since hair is not made to withstand extreme heat. A heat protectant puts up a shield between your hair and the heat by sealing in as much moisture as it can. It also stops your hair from turning frizzy and smoothens your hair. So, to get a safe and soft finish, use heat protectants before styling your hair. 

Do you put heat protectants on wet or dry hair? 

If you are blow drying wet hair, it is a given that you need to put the heat protectant on wet hair. But avoid using a heat-styling tool on wet hair. When your hair is dry, spray a heat protectant and then get to curling or straightening it. 

What will happen if you don’t use a heat protectant? 

No, heat protectant sprays are not a marketing tactic by hairstylists to sell their products. If you don’t use it, heat directly on the hair can damage it. They dry out your hair and turn them weak and frizzy. It can also cause split ends and breakage and make your hair look dull. 

How long does heat protection spray last? 

Most heat protection spray or serum lasts for four hours from the time you apply it to your hair. Spray it or apply it with your fingers to your hair and get to straightening. If your straightening session is taking longer, pause and spray the spray again on your hair. 

Now that you know what to apply before using hair straightener, what are you waiting for? No more compromising your hair’s health for a look. Be sure to armour up before you straighten your hair with one of the heat protectants mentioned above.

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