The world of hair products can be perplexing. While we are pretty sure you know the basics like shampoo, conditioner and serum, the more complex and confusing ones are often never discussed. Yes, we are talking about the elephant in your beauty closet — hairstyling products. You probably have hair products galore, but four out of five times you are using them the wrong way and for the wrong reasons without even knowing it. The result is you waste a good product and don’t even achieve the result you want. 

So, it is high time you knew your hairstyling heroes, a hair wax and a hair gel, the difference between them, and the right way to use them. Here is a lowdown on what, how and when you should be using each hairstyling product. Read on and learn! 

Which is Better? Hair Gel or Hair Wax? The Basics 

Hair wax and hair gel are essential styling products that you can use at home. Though, they help to achieve the same styling functions, but the looks created with these styling products can be completely different. The difference is based mostly on the compound of these products. Hair gels are usually water based and contain polymers, and hair waxes are made of natural wax, or synthetic analogues. 

Another one difference, is that hair gel can be applied on damp to dry hair, and hair wax is recommended to apply only to dry hair. Before blow-drying your hair, or using heat styling tools, you need to apply the heat protection, too. Learn more about the correct way to layer your hair products, and discover the key benefits of hair wax and hair gel below. 

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Top Benefits to Using Hair Gel 

Hair Gel Benefit #1: Moisturising 

Water based gels add hydration to your locks, that’s why they are recommended products for dry hair and natural hairstyles. Hair gels are often being used as a part of a curly girl method, but you can try gels with any hair type and texture. 

Hair Gel Benefit #2: Can Mask Greasy Hair 

Hair gel is a sticky product that makes hair stiff and is excellent for that sexy wet hair look. Sometimes, this hairstyle can be used as a trick to mask greasy oily hair and create this trendy hairstyle instead. Just comb your hair, create an even part, and sleek your hair with gel to achieve this runway style. 

Hair Gel Benefit #3: Enhancing Your Hair Texture 

You can use hair gel on any type of your natural hair texture, and if you are straightening or waving your hair, too. In any case, a hair gel will reduce the frizz, define your tresses, highlight the smoothness of your hair, or discipline your curls. 

Hair Gel Benefit #4: Including Natural Ingredients 

Many hair gels include nourishing and moisturising ingredients, like aloe vera, natural oils, and vitamins, so they can take care of your tresses, like a good hair serum. That helps to restore damaged strands, brittle hair, calm down the frizz and flyaways, as well as boost hair growth. 

Hair Gel Benefit #5: Fixation 

Hair gel can be applied on damp or dry hair for a sculpted and wet look. Take a dollop size amount of gel on your palm and rub it on your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb for even application and to get a sleek look. Hair gel adds that glossy shine and a damp texture to your hair and gives a strong hold. 

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Top Benefits to Using Hair Wax 

Hair Wax Benefit #1: Soothing Unruly Hair 

If you have messy and unruly hair that “flies in all directions”, hair wax is something that can help you to give your tresses a desirable shape. This product can provide a beautiful shape to your curls, also calm frizz on thin and fluffy fine hair. 

Hair Wax Benefit #2: Light Formula 

Hair wax usually has a lighter formula than hair gel, that’s why your best hair wax doesn't overweight your tresses, as well as it doesn’t create any sticky effect or heavy feeling. Of course, if you don’t use more product than needed. To avoid this, take a small amount of wax and first rub it in your palms to warm up, then evenly apply to your hair. You can always add more product if needed. 

Hair Wax Benefit #3: Flexibility 

Hair wax products show great flexibility, that’s why hairstylists like to use them so much, not only for male short haircuts, but for women with long hair, too. Even if you woke up with messy and unruly hair, a small amount of wax can help to style it in a beautiful shape. Unlike hair gel, hair wax does not completely dry, so it’s more flexible and suitable for natural looking hairstyles creation. 

Hair Wax Benefit #4: Volume 

Wax adds a lot of volume to your hair. It’s not a sticking product, so a wax coat leaves your hair looking naturally thick, voluminous, and flexible. After application of small amounts of wax and evenly spreading them, your roots won’t look greasy. 

Hair Wax Benefit #5: Glossy or Matt Finish 

There are a lot of hair wax products on the market, that can vary based on their firmness, and have different finish, too. If you want to add glossy finish, you can choose the shiny type of wax. But there are also types of hair waxes that can mattify your hair, so choose the product wisely depending on your desirable finish. 

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Q1 What is powder hair wax? 

Sometimes, you can find a hair wax in a powdered form that you can sprinkle on your hair. This product is usually used for mattifying hair, adding volume, and fixation. 

Q2 Is hair wax for men more preferred than hair wax for women? 

Typically, the best hair wax for men in India is used on shorter men's hairstyles for texturising, adding volume, and reducing frizz. But hair wax can actually work on a variety of hair types, it can provide the same benefits for women’s hair and long hairstyles, too. 

Q3 What is a hair wax spray? 

Hair wax is available in different forms, not only as a hard wax, but you can also find a wax hair cream, or hair wax in a spray form with the pump. All you need to know is that the harder you wax is, the longer and more intensively you need to rub it in your palms to melt and warm up the product before application, to evenly spread it on your tresses. If your wax is liquid or creamy, it’s just a little bit easier to apply. 

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