Hairstyling Products: When And How You Should Be Using Them

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Hairstyling products: When and how you should be using them

The world of hair products can be perplexing. While we are pretty sure you know the basics like shampoo, conditioner and serum, the more complex and confusing ones are often never discussed. Yes, we are talking about the elephant in your beauty closet--hairstyling products. You probably have hair products galore, but four out of five times you are using them the wrong way and for the wrong reasons without even knowing it. The result is you waste a good product and don’t even achieve the result you want.

So, it is high time you knew your hairstyling heroes and the right way to use them. Here is a lowdown on what, how and when you should be using each hairstyling product.



Sea salt spray


Hair gel

Sea salt spray



Sea salt spray


Sea salt spray

Sea salt spray

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