Drinking a glass of wine after a long and tiring day is one of the best ways to de-stress. But did you know drinking wine in moderate amounts can actually be good for your health? There is abundant research done on this subject and all of them indicate that it may be beneficial for heart health and weight management! That’s right, we don’t know about apples, but looks like a glass of wine a day can surely keep the doctor away. That’s not all, recent research shows that red wine benefits are not limited to health, it can also promote good skin and hair.

What are the ingredients in wine that make it so beneficial? As we all know, red wine is made from grapes. The fruit is rich in several antioxidants that keep the skin looking young and the heart healthy. The flavonoids in red wine which impart the rich, red colour are also beneficial for the overall health of the body. There are several different types of red wines available in the market, some of the most popular ones are merlot, shiraz, cabernet, zinfandel and more. You can choose any of these to reap red wine benefits. In this article, we will tell you in detail how red wine benefits your health, skin and hair.


1. Red wine benefits for health

Red wine benefits for health

Red wine may differ in taste and colour, depending on the type and country of origin. Made by crushing and fermenting dark-colored grapes, it can offer a wide range of benefits. Some of the best red wine benefits for health are listed below.


- Lowers bad cholesterol

Lowers bad cholesterol

The antioxidants present in red wine help increase good cholesterol or HDL in the body. This helps lower the build up of bad cholesterol in the body, thereby keeping heart problems at bay. The resveratrol in red wine protects the blood vessels lining the heart and prevents the formation of blood clots. It is also believed that red wine can help dilate the arteries, however, it is important to note that moderation is key. The ideal recommended amount is 150 ml per day.


- Prevents obesity

Prevents obesity

A diet rich in resveratrol can burn down fat in the body and convert it to calories. Wondering what it is and where you can obtain it from? It is a polyphenol found in red wine. One of the many benefits of red wine is that it contains resveratrol in abundance, therefore it works wonders in maintaining a healthy waistline. When consumed in moderation, along with a healthy diet and exercise, red wine will help burn off fat from the body. Did you know it also has the ability to improve digestion and gut health due to its antibacterial nature?


- Reduces stress and depression

Reduces stress and depression

Today's youth is overworked, now more than ever before, and stress and depression have become a common problem among people of all ages. In fact, a study conducted on middle-aged to elderly people showed reduced signs of depression among those who were regular yet moderate wine drinkers. This is why having a glass of red wine after a long day feels calming and relaxing. To reduce stress and depression using red wine benefits, it is recommended to consume it with dinner or before to improve sleep patterns. Drinking it right before going to bed can do just the opposite.


- May prevent cancer

May prevent cancer

Based on a research conducted by University of Rochester Medical Center, the presence of resveratrol in red wine is linked to the breakdown of pancreatic cancer cells. A lot of doctors wouldn’t recommend cancer patients going off wine during treatment if they are taking it in moderation. Again, resveratrol is responsible for destroying malignant cells in the body and protecting healthy tissues from the effects of radiation. Another study conducted by Harvard Medical School shows a possibility of preventing prostate cancer with regular red wine consumption. Having said that, the treatment procedure for each person is different, and it is best to consult with your doctor if you are on any medication and treatment for a health concern before drinking wine regularly.


2. Red wine benefits for skin

Red wine benefits for skin

Believe it or not, a lot of skin care brands have started infusing their range with the goodness of red wine. You can now easily find red wine sheet masks too. We know you are curious to know what the benefits of red wine are for the skin… so read on!


- Prevents premature ageing

Prevents premature ageing

Brimming with skin-benefiting antioxidants like flavonoids, resveratrol and tannins, red wine fights the signs of ageing by restoring the collagen in the skin. Those who prefer drinking red wine over other spirits will have less prominent wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin. Younger looking, healthy and glowing skin is just a glass of red wine away! What’s more, you can even use red wine for topical application. Mix a small amount with crushed strawberry and grapes and apply to the face, massage for 10 minutes, then wash with water, pat dry and moisturise.


- Reduces acne

Reduces acne

Acne is a common skin concern among both men and women of all age groups. But one of the many red wine benefits is that it helps reduce acne! Let’s take a look at how it does that. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties in red wine fight bacteria and prevent the growth of acne. When applied topically, it can also clear pores and reduce acne. Here is the right way to apply red wine on your face. Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in a small quantity of red wine, apply on the face and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash off and say hello to clear and glowing skin!


- Makes skin glow

Makes skin glow

If dull and uneven skin is your major concern, try employing the benefits of red wine to get glowing and even toned skin. The polyphenols in this drink prevent skin cell oxidation which happens as you age. An easy way to use it topically is by spraying a small amount on your face and massaging it for 10 minutes to revive lost glow.


3. Red wine benefits for hair

Red wine benefits for hair

Now that we have learned the benefits of red wine for health and skin, let’s take a look at the red wine benefits for hair. If you’ve always wanted long, thick and healthy tresses, this drink might be the answer to your prayers.


- Promotes thick hair

Promotes thick hair

Red wine improves blood circulation in the body, and this means your scalp also receives an adequate supply of blood. When blood circulation in the scalp improves, your hair growth becomes better. This arrests hair fall and promotes thicker hair growth. Giving your hair a red wine water rinse post shampooing can make it look healthier.


- Reduces dandruff

Reduces dandruff

The antibacterial properties in red wine that kill acne-causing bacteria can also tackle the problem of dandruff and other scalp infections. Use the same trick as above, mix some red wine in water and pour over your head after shampooing.


4. FAQs about red wine benefits

FAQs about red wine benefits

1) Which red wine is best for glowing skin?

A. All types of red wine will have benefits for the skin, and it is difficult to predict which one will be the best as the fermenting process of each is different. You can try anything from merlot and shiraz to cabernet and zinfandel, and see what works best for you.

2) What is the best time to drink red wine?

A. To obtain the benefits of red wine, it is suggested to drink wine with dinner or prior to it. Avoid drinking it just before going to bed at night.