Mascara is an essential part of every makeup kit. To be honest, we can’t imagine stepping out of the house without applying two coats of our favourite mascara, even on days when we don’t wear any other makeup. But running out of mascara right before we can replenish it is a huge challenge. So, do you want to know how to fix dry mascara? Well, we have got three tried and tested methods that will allow you to make the most of your favourite mascara before you have to abandon it.  


Deal with dried-up mascara – the basics 

Deal with dried-up mascara – the basics 

Mascaras are truly a godsend. Simply because it is one product that instantly opens up our eyes and makes our lashes look longer and thicker. With the advanced technology, we can also say goodbye to runny mascara with the likes of the Lakme Eyeconic Volume Mascara which is water-resistant. It is so lightweight, it never gives you a clumpy result. Thanks to the calendula and castor oil in it, it also lasts 8 hours while lifting and curling your lashes.  

But now given the love for this product, we’ve also had to deal with the problem of flaky, dry and clumped-up mascara once it gets old. But being the beauty sleuth that we are, we have found some hacks for you that work like a charm. Let’s try these under-a-minute tricks if you want to learn how to fix dry mascara!  


3 Hacks and tips to deal with dried-up mascara

3 Hacks and tips to deal with dried-up mascara

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Use lens solution 

Did you know that saline solution can easily liquefy any dried product from old liquid lipsticks and nail polish to eyeliner and mascara? Using contact lens solution is even safe for your eyes so you don’t have to worry about creating a dangerous combination. All you need is a lens solution and your dried-up mascara. 

Step 1: Open the tube of your dried-up mascara. 

Step 2: Add a few (preferably three to four) drops of lens or saline solution to the mascara tube. Don’t add a lot as it can instead make the product watery. 

Step 3: Close the mascara and warm it up by rubbing the tube between your palms for a minute. 


A glass of hot water

A glass of hot water

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But if you want to know how to fix dry mascara without contact solution, we’ve got you. Hot water easily melts any mascara formula. You will need a glass of hot water and that’s it! 

Step 1: Fill a glass or mug with hot water. 

Step 2: Dip the closed mascara tube in it and let it stay for a few minutes. 

Step 3: If your mascara wand has collected dry and flaky product, run hot water over it until squeaky clean. Wipe and then dip it back in the tube. 


Apply natural oil

Apply natural oil

Coconut or castor oil just might be your saviour. A natural oil not only liquefies dried-up mascara but can also reduce the chances of clumpy application. There are two ways that you can use natural oil. All you need is coconut oil or castor oil. 

Step 1: Heat a few drops of coconut oil or castor oil. 

Step 2: Using a spoon, transfer the heated oil to your mascara bottle.  

Step 3: Tightly close the bottle and shake it well. Let it cool for a few seconds before applying. 


You can also directly put the oil on your lashes. But this method works if your mascara is not too dry so you can scrape some out with the wand.  

Step 1: Dip a cotton bud or clean wand in oil and apply it to your lashes. For this particular method, don’t heat the oil! 

Step 2: Take the clumpy wand and wiggle a little product on your lashes. The oil will melt the product and allow it to evenly spread on your lashes. 


Tips to extend the life of mascara

Tips to extend the life of mascara

Say that you are finally done with your old and dried-up mascara and have gone out and bought a new one. So, how are you going to make sure that it lasts longer than your previous one? Well, there are some pretty effective tips that can work out for you so that you won’t have to worry about how to fix dry mascara. 

Keep the bottle closed 

It is just common sense that if you keep the mascara tube open, air will go in and dry out the product. Keep it closed and if you do not have a temporary lid to cover the mascara while using the wand, switch off the fan when applying it. 

Don’t pump the wand 

Let’s be honest, we are guilty of pumping the wand in the tube to get enough product, but that may be the reason why they dry up so quickly. Simply scoop out the product by scraping the wand inside the bottle. This way the air doesn’t dry out the mascara even further. 

Keep it in the fridge 

If you stay in India and keep your makeup outside, it just spells a recipe for disaster. Our hot and humid weather reduces the lifespan of makeup much faster than in any other country. Especially, for liquid products like mascara, keep them in the fridge to make them last longer.  

P.S. The lifespan of mascara is usually five to six months. We suggest you get rid of the product once it exceeds that time to avoid problems such as eye infections.  


FAQs about hacks and tips to deal with dried-up mascara

FAQs about hacks and tips to deal with dried-up mascara

Can you add water to dried-up mascara? 

Yep, you actually can add water to mascara. But do it when you are about to throw it after that one last use. Add a few drops of warm water and shake the mascara well before applying it. 

How do you fix clumpy mascara? 

Remember, heat is the answer to a perfectly smooth application. You end up with clumpy lashes when the mascara is sticky. Putting the mascara bottle in hot water melts the product aka no more clumps. 

Can I put rubbing alcohol in the mascara? 

You can put rubbing alcohol in mascara to revive it. But since it can irritate your eyes be careful. Only put a drop and mix well. And when you apply the revived mascara, only apply it from the mid-lashes to the end and avoid your skin and lash line. 

There you have it. If you want to know how to fix dry mascara, try one of the three ways we have listed above to make the most of your favourite product.