The market is full of imitations and fake products and it’s quite probable that you too might have been duped at some point of time or the other by a product that appeared convincingly authentic.

Fake products can be harmful for your skin as they are often made using relatively harsher chemicals, ingredients of a cheaper quality and haven’t passed any quality control measures. Here’s a quick guide on how to find out the differences between an original and a fake product easily!


#1 Lookout For The Packaging

#1 Lookout For The Packaging

No matter how good the imitation is, the fake product’s packaging can never really match that of the original one. There will always be a slight difference, if not a big one, between the two.

Lookout for differences such as:

●     The finishing of the outer packaging being either matte or glossy

●     The font style and the text size

●     The finish of the printed text being holographic or not

●     The size difference of the overall packagin


#2 Compare The Prices

#2 Compare The Prices

One of the most obvious differences between the fake and the real makeup products is in their prices. The makers of fake products often tend to lure buyers by offering products at extremely low prices. While the low priced product might seem pretty tempting, you’ll only end up damaging your skin in a manner that is not at all worth the pennies saved.  You can always check for and verify the price range of the product on authentic websites and in authorized retail shops.


#3 Feel The Texture Of The Products

#3 Feel The Texture Of The Products

Compare the texture and the feel of the product by running your fingers over it or by rubbing it between your fingers. Original products never come across as chalky and rough to touch. If it’s a shimmery product, it is highly probable that the imitation has chunks of glitter in it and a tacky sheen. Some original products have their logo engraved onto the product itself, a process that fake products find really difficult and expensive to duplicate.

#4 Keep Yourself Updated On Social Media

Follow the brands on their official social media pages so that you get to know about the launch or the release of their latest products. It’s quite amusing that some of these fake beauty product companies release certain products that don’t even exist in the catalogues of the original product companies. It always helps to stay updated regarding all the authentic new beauty products being released in the market.

#5 The Formulations And Pigmentations Might Differ

We’ve noticed that no matter how similar a fake product appears to be to the original one, it can never have the exact same formulation and pigmentation as the latter. There will always be a slight difference between the two. Read the reviews and take a look at the swatches to find out what the original product really looks like.