How To Wear Mascara Everyday Without Damaging Your Lashes

Written by Sanya HamdaniFeb 28, 2024
How to wear mascara everyday without damaging your lashes

Mascara is one product that can instantly make your eyes appear more attractive and awake. Most celebrities don’t leave their house without applying two coats of mascara on their lashes, even on days when they are not wearing any makeup. It is the perfect companion of a no-makeup makeup look.

However, wearing mascara everyday can also be damaging for your delicate lashes. In an attempt to make your peepers look prettier you might actually be damaging your lashes. But worry not; we’re mascara lovers too! So to ensure our lashes stay healthy and lush even with daily use of mascara, here are a few lash care habits we follow.


01. Moisturise your lashes

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Yes, your lashes need moisturising too! But please don’t apply your body lotion or moisturiser onto them. Use ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil or Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. This will form a protective layer on your lashes and prevent the damage caused by overuse of mascara.


02. Pick the right mascara

Avoid rubbing your eyes

There are so many mascaras to choose from, but be wise and pick one from a known brand. Go for an ophthalmologically tested mascara to prevent side effects or reactions around your eye area. The Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara is ophthalmologically tested, smudge-free and waterproof, which makes it the perfect product for daily use.


03. Check the expiry date

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Unlike other makeup products, mascaras come with a shorter shelf life. Since the wand applicator comes in close contact with your eyes, it is necessary to replace your mascara every six months. Check the expiry date on your mascara to ensure your eyes and lashes stay healthy.


04. Gently remove mascara

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Getting rid of mascara, especially waterproof ones, can be quite tricky. You need to be extra gentle and careful or you may end up losing several eyelashes. Micellar water works exceptionally well at removing waterproof makeup by loosening its particles. The Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water is a gentle yet effective formula that removes makeup without irritating the skin. You don’t need to rub or drag the cotton pad while using this remover. Just pour some product over your cotton pad, press gently against your closed eyelid for a few seconds and swipe outward.


05. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Avoid rubbing your eyes

At the end of the day when your eyes get tired, you might get tempted to rub them. We strongly advise not to do this, not only because it is damaging for your lashes, but also because it prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in the undereye area.

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