Benefits Of Coffee Scrubs And Ways To Include Them In Your Skincare Routine

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
Benefits of coffee scrubs and ways to include them in your skincare routine

That first cup of coffee in the morning, right after waking up is super important. It is a great way to instantly wake up and energise your senses, right? Now, what if we told you that coffee has similar effects on your skin as well? Including raw and organic coffee powder is a simple and pocket-friendly (yet extremely effective) way to exfoliate your skin and reap amazing skincare benefits.

Regular use of a coffee scrub helps in removing dead skin cells, brightening your skin as well as well reducing cellulite, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to find out all the amazing ways in which coffee scrubs benefit your skin plus some simple DIY coffee scrub recipes, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a complete guide on everything you need to know about using a coffee scrub in your skincare routine. Read on…


Benefits of using coffee scrub

FAQs about coffee scrubs

1. Eliminates dead skin cells

One of the main benefits of using a coffee scrub is its ability to slough away dead skin cells and reveal brighter looking skin. When used as a body scrub, the gentle abrasive properties aid in cleaning your pores and preventing ingrown hair, which in turn makes your skin feel super soft and smooth.

2. Reduces cellulite

Another great benefit of using a coffee scrub in your body care routine is its ability to dissolve cellulite. This happens because caffeine is known to dilate blood vessels, thereby reducing skin dimples and flabby skin.

3. Imparts a youthful glow

If you have got dull-looking skin, then using a coffee scrub will be really helpful. Caffeine helps in improving blood circulation, thereby ensuring that your skin gets more vitamins and nutrients. This is what makes your skin look bright and glowing.

4. Tightens skin –

If you’ve got loose and flabby skin, then using a coffee scrub in your body care routine will help tremendously in tightening the skin. It is a great way to drain excess water, improve collagen production, and in turn make your skin appear tighter in just a few uses.

5. Slows down signs of ageing

Another great benefit of using coffee scrubs is fresh and young-looking skin. Caffeine delivers a burst of antioxidants that repairs and prevents photo-ageing, improves collagen production and cell-turnover to delay the appearance of the signs of ageing.


DIY face and body coffee scrubs

FAQs about coffee scrubs

Now that you know about the amazing benefits of including a coffee scrub in your skincare routine, we are sure you must be excited to find out about the different ways to include it in your skincare routine. Here are five such scrubs that can be whipped up in five minutes or less using ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen and beauty shelf. Let’s get started…

FAQs about coffee scrubs

A great way to moisturise super dry, parched and flaky skin is to exfoliate it using skin-nourishing ingredients. This helps in sloughing away dead skin cells, brightening your skin and leaving it soft and supple. Yogurt helps in imparting incredible moisture and prevents your skin from getting dry too often.

Step 01: Start by mixing together the coffee powder and yogurt.

Step 02: Apply this mixture to your entire face and neck area. Avoid applying it too close to your eye area.

Step 03: Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then exfoliate your skin in a gentle circular motion before rinsing it off with warm water.

Step 04: Follow it up with your favourite moisturiser and use this face scrub recipe at least twice a week for best results.

FAQs about coffee scrubs

If you have oily skin, then this DIY coffee scrub is just right for you. Coffee powder helps in sloughing away dead skin cells, clearing your pores and making your skin appear fresh and healthy. The addition of bentonite clay helps in restricting excess sebum production and delivers oil-free skin. Lastly, olive oil protects your skin from becoming excessively dry.

Step 01: In a mixing bowl, add a tablespoon each of ground coffee powder and bentonite clay. Add a teaspoon of organic olive oil and mix well.

Step 02: Apply this mixture onto your face and neck area and leave it on for about 15 minutes to allow it to work its magic.

Step 03: Remove it in a gentle circular motion and rinse the area for a fresh feeling, oil-free skin.

FAQs about coffee scrubs

If you are looking for a natural and quick body scrub that makes your hands and legs appear smoother instantly, then this is perfect for you. Coffee works really well to tighten skin and delivers a burst of antioxidants, sugar helps in gently sloughing away dead skin cells and ingrown hair, while coconut oil leaves your skin super soft and supple. This is a great body scrub to use before shaving.

Step 01: Start by taking two tablespoons of ground coffee along with a tablespoon each of sugar and coconut oil and mix them together. If the mixture feels too dry, you can increase the amount of coconut oil, depending on your preference.

Step 02: Apply this mixture on your hands, legs and torso, but make sure that you avoid your face.

Step 03: Use gentle circular motions to exfoliate your skin and rinse it off with warm water. Don’t forget to apply a nourishing body lotion.

FAQs about coffee scrubs

This body scrub is an excellent remedy to dull and lacklustre skin. The antibacterial properties of cinnamon help in preventing and healing skin infections, while delivering your skin with oodles of moisture, thanks to the olive oil.

Step 01: Mix about half a cup of ground coffee, 1/4th cup coconut oil, ½ cup sugar and a tsp of cinnamon powder.

Step 02: Gently scrub your entire body in a circular motion to slough away dead skin cells and reveal softer, glowing skin.

Step 03: Rinse with cold water and then follow it up with a moisturiser.


FAQs about coffee scrubs

FAQs about coffee scrubs

Q. Is coffee scrub good for your face?

A. Yes, coffee makes for an excellent scrub for both your face and body. It helps in clearing clogged pores, sloughing dead skin cells, as well as reducing post-acne inflammation. But when using ground coffee on your face, ensure that the powder is finely ground and not too coarse, as it could be too harsh for your delicate facial skin.

Q. How fast does coffee scrub work?

A. As with any other natural skincare solution, you need to be a little patient to see the desired results. if you are using a coffee scrub at least once or twice a week, it will take about four to six weeks to see any noticeable and permanent results. But with consistent use, your skin will definitely improve and look bright and glowing.

Q. Can coffee scrub remove dark spots?

A. One of the best benefits of using a coffee scrub is its antioxidant properties. It helps in protecting your skin against harmful UV damage as well as eliminating dead skin cells, to reveal smoother and brighter looking skin from underneath. This is why it works really well to not just eliminate dark spots, but also prevent them from coming back.

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