Hacks To Avoid White Cast After Applying Sunscreen

Written by Lopa KMar 31, 2023
Hacks to Avoid White Cast after Applying Sunscreen

Yes yes, by now we all have heard of how sunscreen is a must even when it is cloudy or if we are indoors. All that is well and good but have you ever wished that it was just a little easier to apply and did not leave that white patchy residue? And don’t even get us started on the thick formula that makes it a chore just to evenly spread it all over our skin. But thank god for technology which keeps putting out new inventions at least in the area of beauty. From using lightweight moisturisers and foundations to sun protection spray, we are here to spill all the secrets on how to avoid that annoying white cast.

FAQs about hacks to rid of the white cast

Hacks to avoid a white cast after applying sunscreen

1. Let the sunscreen do its job

If you don’t use sunscreen the right way, how will it do its job for you? Around 20 minutes before you head out, start applying the sunscreen. Go slow with your application and gently rub it into your skin. Sunscreens are meant to be heavy if not greasy otherwise how will they protect you from UV rays. So, for such formula to be absorbed fully into your skin, you need to give it time. The white residue is basically the sunscreen that has yet to be absorbed.

2. Apply moisturiser first

Did you know that if you have dry skin, it makes it that much more difficult to blend in the sunscreen. And if you have tried to harshly rub in the sunscreen into your skin without any results, you’re not alone. But skip this futile endeavour and just turn to some moisturiser. After applying moisturiser, immediately apply the sunscreen. You will notice that it easily blends into your skin. For your face, you can also apply a liquid foundation for the sunscreen to blend well if you are in the mood for some makeup.

FAQs about hacks to rid of the white cast

3. Don’t slather sunscreen

When it comes to skincare products, there is an art to applying everything. This also includes sunscreen. You can’t just squeeze out a dollop, slather it on your skin and pray for a miracle. A lot of beauty gurus recommend applying it in layers. Take a little, and work it into your skin. Once you are happy with the blending, then turn to the next section of your skin.

4. Pat the sunscreen

One of our grudges with sunscreens has been the white residue that they leave behind. No matter how much you try to blend it into your skin, you can still see it. But that is probably because of your application technique. Looks like there is a pattern when it comes to the white cast. So, when it comes to your face, instead of rubbing, pat the sunscreen on your skin like you would blend your foundation or contour. This allows the sunscreen to be better absorbed.

FAQs about hacks to rid of the white cast

5. Use a sun protection spray

Easily spray the Lakme Sun Expert Sunspray on your skin and body parts you cannot reach and get the full coverage you need to frolic under the sun without worrying about UV rays or sunburns. Suitable for all skin types, it provides even coverage as each spray has SPF 50. And along with defending from UV rays, this tinted sun protection spray also fights off external aggressors. It also gives a natural finish and hydrates the skin so now slather it on without worrying about the white residue.

How to use a sun spray?

While there have been arguments that a spray is less effective since the particles fly away in the wind before it touches our skin, it is all about how we apply it. If you apply a skincare product correctly, whether, in a cream or a spray form, it will of course work. While you can spray and massage it on the rest of your body, like any spray, don’t be reckless when applying it to your face.

  • Before you get started, just shake the bottle well.
  • Next, keep the bottle a few cm away from your hand and spray it into your palm which you can then massage onto your face. And while this is a given, do not spray it near your eyes or on inflamed skin.
  • Wait for a minute before applying makeup. Otherwise, you are done!

A pro tip - Apply any sun protection 20 minutes before you head out for it to do its job. Also re-apply it every three to four hours to stay protected from the sun.

FAQs about hacks to rid of the white cast

FAQs about hacks to rid of the white cast

Q1. Is sun spray as good as cream? 

It depends on how you use it. Don’t spray sun spray a feet away from your skin and expect full coverage. But if you properly apply it, it works just as well as a cream. Rub it in thoroughly for at least 10 seconds so that it is absorbed well and you get even coverage. 

Q2. How long does it take for sun spray to work? 

Like all sunscreens, you should apply it 20 minutes before you are under the sun. Depending on the intensity of the sun’s heat and if you tend to sweat, you should also reapply sun protection every three to four hours. 

Q3. What is the best SPF to block sun? 

You should start off with SPF 30 which usually blocks 97% of the sun's rays. The higher the sun protection factor (SPF), the more effective it is at blocking UV rays. 

Whether you don’t have enough time to spare or get frustrated while trying to evenly spread sunscreen, a sun protection spray does it all for you and more. Or you can simply be gentle with your application and see the white residue go away in front of your eyes! 

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