What is baby oil?

Baby oil, at its core, is just mineral oil. It is derived from petroleum and is used in almost all kinds of personal skincare products like moisturisers and perfumes. Contrary to popular belief, baby oil is not a miracle cure for any and every skin issue under the sun. The theory has led to women being somewhat misinformed on its uses, and that is where we come in. Here are five ways you can safely incorporate baby oil in your beauty routine and what you should know about it!


1. Moisturiser

Moisturiser - baby oil in your beauty routine

Baby oil can be used as a moisturizer, especially on dry skin patches that need healing. The application is pretty much similar to babies; do it just out of the shower when your skin is still moist. This way, the oil sinks deep into the skin while the pores are still open.

While baby oil is perfectly safe to be used as a non-toxic alternative to other creams, it is not advisable to use it on the face. Baby oil tends to clog pores and cause acne if used on the face. You should stick to using it as a body oil, just make sure it is a product with no fragrance as that can cause issues on sensitive skin.



2. Makeup remover

Makeup remover - baby oil in your beauty routine

If you are a fan of the oil cleansing method, this little insider tip is just for you. Baby oil can be used as a makeup remover as it can help dissolve makeup and dirt buildup. Just massage a thin layer of the oil into your face and wipe away with a cotton washcloth. Always follow-up with a face wash to completely wash away all the residue.

Baby oil can also be used to make makeup corrections while applying it. Use a Q-tip to wipe away any wobbly lines or accidental smudges. Make sure to avoid the eye area.


3. Foot care

Foot care - baby oil in your beauty routine

Baby oil famously packs the rejuvenating and restorative properties of vitamin E, making it perfect for dealing with skin issues like cracked heels and elbows. Warm up the oil and use it to either give yourself an at-home pedicure or use it as a daily foot moisturiser. Always wear socks with it to avoid oily sheets and slips!


4. Cuticle Care

Cuticle Care - baby oil in your beauty routine

Cuticle care is a highly underappreciated form of self-care, primarily if you work with your hands a lot. Dry cuticles can cause unnecessary burning and pain if not attended to, and that's where baby oil can come in handy. If you do not wish to shell out bucks on pricey cuticle oils, grab a bottle of baby oil instead, to moisturise them. Soak a cotton swab in the oil and apply it onto your fingers and nails, massaging the oil into the nail bed. Doin so also gives you a healthy and shiny looking nail, which is a nice little bonus!


5. Shaving oil

Shaving oil - baby oil in your beauty routine

Typically, I won't let a razor near me for my hair removal needs. I hate it when it grows back all prickly and dislike the feeling of shaving creams and foams on my body. I do make an exception when there is baby oil handy. Slather on the oil instead of a cream and shave away. It gives a much closer shave and keeps the skin slick while doing it. It can also be used post-waxing, to get rid of any leftover wax and calm your skin down.


6. Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - baby oil in your beauty routine

Apart from the obvious uses, keeping a bottle of baby oil ready by your nightstand can help you in a tonne of ways. Cracked elbows? Massage in a drop to moisturise overnight. When paired with sunscreen, it can work as a tanning oil. While there are no active ingredients in them to work on stretch marks, they can be used to keep skin slick and moisturised to avoid future lines and wrinkles.

FAQs about Baby Oil:

1) Is baby oil good for the skin?

A. Baby oil (or mineral oil) is used on human skin in many indirect ways as it is already present in many cosmetic products. It is safe to use on adult skin and can give it suppleness and moisture. It is not an irritant, which means it can be a boon for skin with allergies and sensitivity issues.

2) Can we use baby oil on the face?

A. Baby oil is comedogenic, which means it will clog your pores. It is not advisable to use baby oil on your face as it can cause acne.

3) Does baby oil clog pores?

A. Baby oil is considered comedogenic, and although it won't cause breakouts directly, it can facilitate them. By forming a thick layer on your skin and trapping acne-causing bacteria, dirt, and other products that clog pores.