Tea Tree Oil For Hair: The Benefits And Uses 

Written by Anushka ShahNov 07, 2022
Tea Tree Oil for Hair: The Benefits and Uses 

Give your mane the TLC it deserves by using tea tree oil for hair. Loaded with benefits, this essential oil can give you the locks of your dreams. 

Tea Tree Oil for Hair – The Basics  

If you’re intrigued by the world of skincare you must already know about the variety of hair care ingredients that do wonders for the hair. And while, coconut, onion, rice water and almond oil are the popular ones - tea tree oil is a great hair and skin nourisher too. Yes, it is the MVP element in several hair serums, masks and shampoos. However, tea tree oil for hair can be used directly too - leading to a plethora of benefits. To name a few, it does away from dandruff and strengthens hair bonds. Taking its goodness to both, the look good and feel good domain, this essential oil is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

So, to amp your hair care regime and to educate you about the exciting world of tea tree oil, we’re about to unveil to you the benefits of tea tree oil. So, cling on, mane enthusiasts for that shiny, silky and fuss-free hair future awaits you. 

The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hair     

The magical oil is here to put all your haircare concerns to rest 

1. Benefit: Gets rid of dry scalp  

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If you’re using a cleanser that lathers and leaves your locks feeling squeaky clean, get the hint: you’ve either got very lucky with your shampoo or your shampoo is loaded with sulphates. Giving your hair that omg feeling, sulphates are pretty deceptive with what they do in the long run: damage, damage and damage! Making your scalp dry and stripping your locks of their natural lustre and colour, these shampoos can be pretty nasty to your scalp. Leaving your scalp barren, sulphate-shampoos have left most of your scalps damaged at some point or the other and to reverse that lack of hydration, introduce the tea for hair into your mane TLC regime. Wonder why? Because tea tree oil is soothing in nature. As such, it can be a godsend to relieve you from dry scalp, get rid of flakiness and keep itchiness at bay. Replace it with your existing conditioner and make that A1 natural pick that soothes your scalp and keeps flakiness at bay. And once you’ve given your strands that thorough wash with it and you get all those compliments, know you have tea tree oil to thank. 

2. Benefit: Does away with dandruff  

tea tree oil for hair woman long brown hair

Who loves those pesky flakes that fall on your shoulder? NO ONE! To do away with its embarrassment, fall back on tea tree oil for hair.  The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil can get rid of dandruff without drying out your hair. So much so, it can hydrate your scalp in moderation, which means excessive grease is never in the picture - you don’t have to worry about a quick oily scalp. And just when you think tea tree oil is a purchase you’re about to make - there’s more…it also gets rid of dead skin to keep your scalp fresh and itch-free. Now that’s a purchase you should make!  

3. Benefit: Reverses hairfall  

tea tree oil for hair woman long brown hair

Nothing stresses a girl out like falling hair strands! Mostly because the reason can be a variety of things; an imbalanced diet, bad haircare or improper sleep. However, most of the time, it is due to improper haircare and to chuck that issue out and bring in the brilliance or fab hair, nothing does the trick like tea tree oil for hair. Nourishing the roots with its goodness, it strengths hair bonds and promotes hair growth. And if used religiously and massaged into the scalp twice a week, its results can be fascinating. We mean, it can help control hair fall as well as thinning of hair. So much so, you can give your hair a total transformation if this oil is used like a ritual.  

4. Benefit: Kills hair lice 

tea tree oil for hair woman long brown hair

Tea tree oil is one of the few essential oils that contains insecticidal properties. It is often used to treat head lice and other parasitic infestations on your scalp. And although these pests are often difficult to get rid off, it's a cakewalk for the tea tree oil - much better than all those other store-bought lice shampoos. Why? Because while those formulas kill lice they also dampen your hair’s beauty, seriously impacting the health of your mane!  

tea tree oil for hair woman long brown hair

Moreover, the best way to use tea tree oil for hair is to invest in a good shampoo (and conditioner) afterall, in this way you’ll continually be showered with the tea tree oil love. And when choosing, we suggest and trust, nothing but Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree And Vetiver Aroma Radical Refresher Shampoo + Conditioner Combo to treat your hair well. The formula also helps refresh dull and imparts it with a beautiful shine. So, cut to the chase and add this unmatched duo to your cart.  

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair  

tea tree oil for hair woman long brown hair

Now that you’ve learned of the numerous benefits of tea tree oil for hair and understood how healthy it is for your scalp and your mane, we’re sure you want to include it in your regular hair care regime. Let’s have a look at a few ways in which you can use it: 

• For the dryness drama: For treating dryness, mix the tea tree oil with a carrier oil and massage your scalp with it for 10-15 minutes. Then, wash your hair as you usually do. For best results, repeat this process daily. 

• For the dandruff issue: To do away with the curse of dandruff, you use tea tree oil for hair, add 10-15 drops to every ounce of shampoo and massage it onto the hair. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. By acting as a natural conditioner, tea tree oil also soothes the scalp and prevents flakiness.  

• For Hair Growth: Do your hair follicles good by applying this oil mixture onto your scalp and massage it. If you like, you can even opt for a hot oil treatment. Keep it overnight, or keep it on for 30-40 minutes before you go for your hair wash. 

• For Getting Rid Of Lice: Tea tree oil for hair can help get rid of lice, mix about 7-8 drops with a spoon of any vegetable oil and leave it overnight. Wear a shower cap for better absorption into the hair. Next morning, comb your hair with a fine comb before washing it off. 

• For Daily Conditioning: Did you know that you can also use tea tree oil spray as a leave-in conditioner? For that, all you need is some boiled water. Add to it some drops of tea tree oil. You can also add chamomile tea to this spray if you have it. Just make sure that when you prepare your spray, it should contain about 5 percent tea tree oil. Store this mixture in a spray bottle and use it on your hair whenever you want to give it some natural conditioning. 

FAQs about Benefits and How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair    

Q. Can you apply tea tree oil directly on hair? 

A. Tea tree oil is extremely concentrated and may irritate skin, so do not apply it directly onto your scalp. Instead, use it with a carrier oil like coconut oil, or with shampoo. 

Q. How does one mix tea tree oil with shampoo? 

A. Take the required amount of shampoo you’ll need, and then add a few drops (maximum 5 drops) of tea tree oil to it. 

Q. Can you leave tea tree oil in your hair overnight? 

A. Yes, you can leave tea tree oil in your hair overnight. Choose your carrier oil – could be coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil – and add 10 drops of tea tree oil to it and leave it overnight. 

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