Up until a few years ago, shaving for women was really looked down upon. Forget shaving the face, even resorting to shaving to get rid of body hair was considered a major sin, and even today, is surrounded by one too many myths. But thanks to the lockdown that happened last year, salons were shut for quite a few months, which prompted people to try out other hair removal options, and that’s when face shaving became really popular. And guess what? We are totally in love with this method of hair removal, even for women!

But we would be lying if we told you that we weren’t exactly filled with apprehension the first time we tried face shaving. Questions like, “will this make my hair grow back thicker and darker?” definitely bothered us too. So if you are sailing in the same boat and are wondering whether to start shaving your face or not, then you have come to the right place. Scroll down for the pros and cons, pre-and post-care and shaving tips – basically, everything you need to know about face shaving for women. Awesome, isn’t it? So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started…


Benefits of face shaving for women

Benefits of face shaving for women

1. Smoother skin

1. Smoother skin

Despite regular exfoliation, your skin still tends to retain some amount of dirt, dead skin cells and even makeup residue. This can make your skin feel rough and textured to the touch. But shaving helps in eliminating this gunk, which makes your skin appear smoother and softer almost instantly. It also accelerates cell renewal to keep your skin looking soft and glowing.

2. Gentle exfoliator

02. Gentle exfoliator

Dead skin cells, coupled with constant exposure to environmental aggressors such as pollution, dust, germs, etc., form a layer on your skin that can be difficult to get rid of despite regular exfoliators and scrubs. This eventually makes your complexion appear dull and lifeless. But shaving helps eliminate this layer of impurities and makes your skin appear soft clearer almost instantly.

3. Improves product penetration

03. Improves product penetration

If you feel like despite using the right skincare products and being religious with your skincare routine, your skin isn’t showing the desired results, then maybe you should consider face shaving. Since shaving is a painless way to get rid of gunk, peach-fuzz and dead skin cells, it helps maximise product absorption into the skin and delivers much better results.

4. Smoother makeup application

04. Smoother makeup application

Feel like your makeup looks cakey and textured despite you blending it correctly and using the right amount of product? Face shaving might help. The gentle exfoliating properties of face shaving remove excess oils, debris and other impurities along with peach-fuzz to give your skin an extremely smooth and soft finish. This automatically helps makeup sit more smoothly and flawlessly on your skin, making it look extremely natural and skin-like.

5. Painless and in expensive

05. Painless and in expensive

One of the main reasons why we absolutely love shaving is how painless it is. Other common forms of hair removal such as waxing, epilation and plucking, all pull out hair from the root, which can be quite painful and cause a lot of discomfort. Besides, when it comes to face waxing, it is always advisable to visit a salon and get it done from a professional, which can turn out to be pretty expensive. But face shaving for women is the perfect painless, inexpensive alternative to get rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of your home in a safe, quick and painless manner.


How to prepare your face for shaving

How to prepare your face for shaving

Simply grabbing just about any razor and starting to shave is an absolutely wrong approach to shaving and should be avoided. This can not only prevent you from achieving a smooth, close shave, but also cause nicks and burns if you aren’t careful enough. Instead, follow the steps (along with some amazing tips and tricks) to achieve a smooth and clean shave each and every time.

Step 01 – Cleanse:

Before shaving, it is very important to clean your face using a gentle cleanser or face wash. This helps get rid of excess oils, gunk and other impurities.

Step 02 – Exfoliate:

Simply washing your face isn’t enough, and in order to achieve a smooth, close shave and prevent ingrown hair, shadows and irritation, you must also exfoliate using a gentle, physical or chemical exfoliator.  

Step 03 – Shave:

After exfoliating and drying your face completely, you can start shaving.


Tips to keep in mind when face shaving

Tips to keep in mind when face shaving

Even though face shaving is a very simple and relatively easy hair removal method, it can cause a few problems if one isn’t careful enough. Here are some things to follow and practice for a smooth, close shave and prevent problems like nicks, cuts and in-grown hair…

  • Always use a sharp razor to shave your face. Using a blunt razor can cause a lot of skin irritation, dryness and in-grown hair.
  • Remember to use a separate razor for your face; avoid using the same one as the rest of your body. This prevents transfer of germs and bacteria.
  • Always take a good hard look at your skin before shaving. If you notice problems like eczema, psoriasis or active acne, avoid shaving until the condition settles a little bit to avoid further irritation.
  • Be extremely gentle when shaving and avoid applying too much pressure as this could cause nicks and cuts. Shave in small, gentle strokes, especially when getting rid of peach fuzz.
  • While it is recommended to shave your face dry, if you’ve got sensitive skin or if you feel like dry shaving is causing discomfort, you can always apply a little shaving cream to the area to moisturise it before starting.
  • Always follow up your face shaving session with a generous amount of a soothing and hydrating moisturiser to calm redness and irritation as well as prevent dryness.

FAQs about face shaving for women

FAQs about face shaving for women

Q. Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?

A. This is an absolute myth and an old wives’ tale; one which you should stop believing. Shaving doesn’t affect the growth, colour or thickness of your hair in any way, therefore it is not possible for your hair to grow back thicker. But since shaving simply cuts the hair in half instead of removing it from the root, it could feel a little coarse and hard initially. But once the hair grows back completely, it will go back to feeling normal.

Q. What are the side effects of shaving your face?

A. While face shaving is completely safe for most people, it can cause a bit of irritation and redness in certain cases. This irritation could either occur because you are using a blunt razor, applying too much pressure, or have simply got sensitive skin or active acne.

Q. How often should women shave their faces?

A. For maximum benefits, you can shave their face once a week. This not only allows your hair enough time to grow back and facilitate a smoother shave, but also helps calm angry, irritated and sensitive skin in between shaving.