Whether you’ve been working late nights or are stressed about upcoming events, lack of sleep manifests in the form of eye puffiness, which isn’t a particularly great look. Additionally, it also makes you feel uncomfortable. Besides, our eyes are the first things someone notices about us, so if they look puffy, it can make anyone feel self-conscious. However, if it makes you feel any better, you’ll be glad to know that if your eyes look puffy, you are not alone. Almost everyone suffers from eye bags and puffiness at some point in their lives. If you are looking for ideas about how to get rid of puffy eyes, then here are some home remedies you can try.


What Causes Puffy Eyes in the Morning?

What Causes Puffy Eyes in the Morning

Occurring below the eyes, swelling in the tissues around the eyes is also known as puffy eyes. Also known as eye bags, there are several reasons that cause them. The build-up of fluid in the skin beneath the eyes can make your eyes look puffier in the morning. Fatigue, lack of sleep, dehydration, allergies, and genetics are all probable causes of waking up to puffy eyes in the morning.

The skin’s natural process of ageing can also cause puffy eyes. That is because, as we age, the skin loses its elasticity, which affects the strength of facial muscles. Spending too much time in the sun, crying, and even stress can give you puffy eyes.


How to Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

How to Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

If you are the type of person who would rather try remedies on your own to get rid of puffy eyes than visit a dermatologist, you have a wide variety of remedies to choose from to combat puffiness in the eyes. Take note, here are 9 home remedies to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning:


1) Use a Cold Compress

Use a Cold Compress

Using anything cold on puffy eyes can be helpful, as it reduces inflammation and swelling by constricting the blood vessels in that area. Thus, keep a cold compress on your eyes for a few minutes every day and let them rest. If you don’t have a cold compress, you can create a DIY one easily. Simply wet a clean cloth with some cold water and place it on your eyes. Apply gentle pressure, and do this while sitting upright.

The cold temperature will shrink the blood vessels, thereby reducing puffiness in the eyes. If you want an even simpler way to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning, simply put two clean spoons in the freezer, take them out after a few minutes, wet them and place them under your eyes. This can also help reduce swelling and puffiness.


2) Massage Almond Oil

Massage Almond Oil

While almond oil is excellent for skin and hair, did you know that you could also use it to get rid of puffy eyes? Yep, this oil rich in vitamin E is excellent for reducing the bags under your eyes. Wondering how to get rid of puffy eyes using almond oil? Simply massage the under-eye area with almond oil for 20-30 minutes before going to bed. It increases blood circulation around the eyes and reduces puffiness. Try this for two weeks to notice a visible difference.


3) Grab a Cold Tea Bag

Grab a Cold Tea Bag

Apart from being rich in antioxidants, green tea contains tannins and caffeine, both of which are useful for reducing puffiness under the eyes. Tannins can constrict body tissues, whereas caffeine can improve blood circulation in the body. Both of this help to get rid of puffy eyes, so now that you know this, don’t throw away your used tea bags. Chill them in the refrigerator and then use them on your eyes. Black tea, green tea and chamomile all work to help you get rid of puffy eyes.


4) Make Use of Cucumber

Make Use of Cucumber

Cucumber is a super cooling vegetable when eaten, and it is the same when applied to the skin. We all have seen women in salons keep cucumber slices on their eyes while getting their beauty treatments done, and now we know why they do that! Cucumber hydrates the eyes and works just like a cold compress, reducing swelling in the eyes.


5) Make Changes In Your Diet

Make Changes In Your Diet

Having a healthy diet is a long-term remedy to get rid of puffy eyes. Consume foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, beans, yoghurt and leafy greens and cut down on your processed food intake. Potassium helps reduce excess fluids in your body, preventing water retention. Include as many fresh fruits and veggies in your diet as possible. If you’re serious about losing your under-eye bags, then cut down on your sodium content because it causes water retention which in turn causes puffiness in the eyes.


6) Use Potatoes

Use Potatoes

Potatoes are those veggies that are loved by all because of the multiple ways they can be used in! Apart from being used to make yummy dishes, potatoes can also be used to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning. Rich in vitamin C, potatoes help in the synthesis of collagen. Grate some potatoes, extract their juice, and dab it on your eyes using a cotton ball or makeup remover pads. Let the potato juice rest for 10 minutes and rinse it off. Try this home remedy every day to get rid of puffiness under the eyes.


7) Turn to Vitamin E

Turn to Vitamin E

The best vitamin for skin and hair health, vitamin E can be used to get rid of puffy eyes effectively. Apart from fighting signs of ageing, it can also reduce the puffiness under the eyes. There are multiple ways to use it. You can consume vitamin E supplements. Another way to use it is to add a few drops of vitamin E oil to some cold water and mix it. Dab it on your under eye area and relax for 15-20 minutes. It can help alleviate puffiness and swelling under the eyes.


8) Get Adequate Sleep

Get Adequate Sleep

Isn’t this the most obvious way to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning? Clocking seven to eight hours of sleep every night can reduce puffy eyes because the skin rejuvenates and repairs itself when you rest. Moreover, when you sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases, which helps it rebuild its collagen, which reduces puffiness.


9) Drink More Water and Less Alcohol

Drink More Water and Less Alcohol

We all know how vital drinking water is to maintain your skin’s health. Dehydration can also be one reason behind waking up with puffy eyes, so drink at least two to three litres of water every day to keep yourself well hydrated. In addition to this, reduce your intake of alcohol, because it dehydrates your skin, giving you saggy skin and puffy eyes.


Say No To Smoking

Say No To Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, but it also has adverse effects on the health of your skin. It can dry out the skin on your face and weaken it, giving you wrinkles under the eyes. It also makes your eyes look droopy, and come on, do you really want that? Just kick the habit! Stay nicotine-free to keep your body and skin healthy and happy!

Puffiness around your eyes is totally normal, so there’s nothing to be worried about. Just use the above-mentioned remedies to get rid of puffy eyes!