You’ve Got To Check Out These All-Natural Tips On How To Lighten Dark Lips

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
You’ve got to check out these all-natural tips on how to lighten dark lips

Many women want to lighten the darker outlines on their lips that’s been bringing their beauty game down. Whether you want lighter lips to make your makeup stand out, or you want to get rid of years of negligence and generally take care of that's all about what you want. If you have been wondering about how to lighten dark lips, here are some simple DIY techniques on how to lighten dark lips, without shelling out big bucks on cosmetic procedures. Check them out!


What are the causes of dark lips?

FAQs related to lighten dark lips

There are several causes of dark lips. Some of the more common ones are: 

  • Sun damage

  • Lack of hydration

  • Cigarette smoking 

  • Sensitivity to products like toothpaste or lipstick

  • Caffeine intake

  • Constant licking of the lips

Most of these can be solved by simple lifestyle changes. Wear a lip balm with SPF, limit your coffee intake, and cut down on cigarettes, to mention a few. Apart from these lifestyle factors, dark lips can also be a result of:

  • Chemotherapy

  • Anaemia

  • Vitamin deficiency

  • Excessive fluoride use

Now that we have seen the various factors that contribute to the darkening of your lips, here is what we promised! Easy homemade remedies to rid you of that dark circle around your lips! Bear in mind, results are seen with consistent use and over time, so keep at it and you’ll thank us later!

DIY remedies to lighten dark lips​


Lemon scrub

FAQs related to lighten dark lips

A natural lightening agent used in most home remedies, lemon, can be useful in dealing with dark lips. A lemon and sugar scrub can be used daily. You can also just cut up a lemon, apply it on your lips overnight and wash with lukewarm water the next day. Lip lightening results can be seen in a month.


Citrus balm

FAQs related to lighten dark lips

Lip products are so simple to make at home, you'll never have to buy one from the shop ever again! For a citrus infused balm with lip lightening properties, mix fresh lime juice, honey, and glycerine in a bowl. Apply overnight and wash off in the morning for a healthy looking pout.



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There's a reason why most Indian weddings are preceded by a day of dancing, drinking lassis, and slathering the already tired bride-to-be all over with turmeric. With antiseptic and lightening properties, turmeric can go a long way in helping you heal your skin. It's also known to be a melanin inhibitor, which is perfect for lightening dark lips.

Mix turmeric with milk to make a paste. Massage it onto your lips, leave it on for five minutes, rinse with water and follow up with your favorite moisturiser.


Aloe vera gel

FAQs related to lighten dark lips

Aloe vera gel is a godsend when it comes to fixing dark skin caused by dryness. It deeply nourishes your skin, getting rid of melanin clusters and moisturizing the skin surface at the same time. Apply your favourite aloe vera gel during your nighttime skincare routine and wake up with plump and supple lips!


Pomegranate seeds

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Don't get shocked, hear us out! In addition to being a tasty snack, pomegranate seeds are known to lighten dark lips effectively. Mix equal parts of the seeds with rosewater and fresh dairy cream. Use this as a lip mask and keep it on for three minutes, before washing with cold water. Do it daily for best results.


Single-ingredient lip treatments

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It doesn’t always have to be a scrub or a mask that’ll get you lighter lips. These simple ingredients will work just fine as well:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps add moisture, elasticity, and hydration to chapped lips. Especially if you are a smoker, it will break down the nicotine build-up on your lips and helps prevent dark patches. Use it overnight, and make sure to really massage it in!

Cucumber juice

Much like our facial skin, our lips go through sun damage every day as well. An ingredient like cucumber juice will help soothe sun exposure and fight melanin clusters at the same time. Extract some juice in a blender, and with the help of a cotton ball, apply it on your lips. It helps if you cool the juice beforehand and feels fantastic after a long day. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse it off.


Blend five medium-sized strawberries into a paste and mix with baking soda. Apply this paste with your fingertips onto your lips, let it sit for an hour and rinse with cold water.


The pigmented juice of beetroots is rich in antioxidants and also has lightening properties. Use a blender to turn half a beet into a fine paste, which you can apply onto your lips without it dripping. Leave it on for three minutes and wash with cold water. Do this twice a week for the best results.


In a bowl, take a couple of almonds and fresh dairy cream and blend it into a paste. Massage the paste onto your lips for a few minutes and let dry. Once dry, gently wet with warm water and wash it off. Do this daily for naturally lighter and plumper lips.


Pro tip

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One of the leading causes of lips going dark is dehydration and keeping your lips dry for a long time. While drinking the right amount of water every day has multiple skin benefits, it will also help keep your lips pink and plump. Keep a lip balm handy at all times, and keep reapplying through the day.


FAQs about Lighten Dark Lips:

FAQs related to lighten dark lips

1) How can I get rid of dark lips fast?

A. For a quick freshening up of lips, you can use a DIY lip scrub. Freshly squeezed lemon juice, when massaged on the lips, can lighten them. Sugar is also excellent in getting rid of unwanted dead skin. Mix it with some honey and get to work on your pout!

2) Does toothpaste help lighten lips?

A. Toothpaste can definitely help you get rid of dark lines. Mix some toothpaste and water and apply it on your lips. You can also mix it with honey and use a gentle brush to scrub out any flaky skin from the lips.

3) How do you get rid of smokers’ lips?

A. Smokers’ lips are a bit difficult to shake off. You can start by mixing coarse salt or sugar with almond oil or coconut oil. Gently massage this into your lips once a day. Always follow up with a moisturizer or a lip balm! And lastly, cut down on your cigarettes to see a noticeable difference to the colour of your lips.

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