Of course all the haircare divas are well versed with the power of castor oil for the scalp, boosting hair growth, this oil’s massages are just what the roots need. So much so, if you’re into the health domain and are always looking for organic remedies, then you also know that castor oil makes a fab laxative! However, now that the obvious is something you’re aware of - are you in loop with this all-rounder oil for your dermis? Well, if not - don’t you worry for we’ve got 

You might have used castor oil for scalp massages. You might have also used it as a laxative. But have you ever used castor oil for your face and skin? Castor oil is extensively used in commercial skin care products. While research is extremely limited regarding castor oil’s topical benefits, anecdotal evidence shows that it might contribute to your skin health. This article digs deeper into the skin care benefits of castor oil and how you can use it for maintaining skin health. Keep reading for all the insights on castor oil for face! We’ve got you and your skin covered, quite literally!

What Is Castor Oil?

Is Castor Oil for Face Cleansing an Option?

Castor oil is a type of vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. The seeds are also called castor beans and contain high levels of ricin, a type of toxic enzyme. However, ricin is removed from the oil when it is processed. Processed castor oil is safe for use. 

Benefits to Using Castor Oil for Face Cleansing as an Option? 

Plunge into why you should use castor oil for face! 

1. Moisturises skin

Is Castor Oil for Face Cleansing an Option woman

Who does’nt want supple skin; glistening to look at and supple to touch! If that’s on your agenda then falling back on castor oil for face should be on your agenda. Promising soft skin castor oil is loaded with high fatty acid content. And when applied generously to the facial skin, castor oil enhances smoothness and softness. Through moisturising, hydrating, and cleansing, it encourages an increase in healthy pores and skin tissue. Doing the inner work and benefiting your skin from the outside, using castor oil daily in your night time routine can promise tender baby-like facial skin! 

2. Soothes inflamed skin

Is Castor Oil for Face Cleansing an Option woman acne

Suffering from all the stubborn fungal bacteria - well, no more castor oil for your face comes to your redness rescue. If you didn’t know, the protein extracts from castor seeds were found to have antibacterial and anti-proliferative properties. Therefore, when generously applied on acne-causing bacteria, the he protein extracts from castor seeds’ antibacterial and anti-proliferative properties get working - to an extent, if used regularly on the skin and especially on the problem spots, you can notice a significant reduct of acne breakouts and eventually enjoy that blemish-free face - best part? All naturally! 

3. Calms sunburn

Is Castor Oil for Face Cleansing an Option woman

We all love those coastal afternoons, where basking in the sun is the best thing to do. However, no one’s a fan of those painful sunburns - literally stealing the joy of relaxation. So, if you’re soon heading to a getaway by the bay, carry some castor oil for face to tame your sunburns. Channelling their healing and moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties on your burns, they’re all about that A1 cooling and healing. So, add it to your beach basket and you’re good to go and glow. 

How to Apply Castor Oil for Face

Is Castor Oil for Face Cleansing an Option woman application

All application comes with technique and we’re about to shed light on the right away to directly apply castor oil for the face. For starters: 

  •  Soak a piece of cotton ball in castor oil. 

  • Gently dab it all over your face and neck. Ensure the oil is never leaking and always settled on the skin!  

  • Once done massage the oil for 3-5 minutes in circular motions on the skin. This will boost blood circulation to the face and ensure the oil is totally absorbed by the skin.    

  • And viola lady, you’re done with the castor oil for face ritual. End it by using a mild face wash. PS: don’t keep the oil on for too long as the stickiness can attract dirt and bacteria!  

Note: Castor oil has a comedogenic rating of 1, which makes it suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin. So, cut to the chase and make castor oil for your face your go-to pick. 

FAQs about Castor Oil for Face Cleansing an Option? 

Q1 Does castor oil darken the skin? 

No, castor oil for the face will not darken your skin. However, it may cause allergic reactions - which is why a patch test is super important! 

Q2 Can I leave castor oil on my face overnight? 

Avoid leaving castor oil on your face overnight for its thickness may clog your skin’s pores which could eventually lead to acne eruptions. 

Q3 Can castor oil be used on the lips? 

Yes! Using castor oil as a lip balm on your lips before sleeping will keep them soft and supple.