The Benefits Of Baking Soda For Your Skin

Written by Karan DalviSep 16, 2023
The Benefits of Baking Soda for your Skin

What if we told you that applying the chemical compound NaHCO3 could help solve most of your skin problems? Yup, it’s the same remarkable chemical that also goes by the name Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda. While we’re not really in favour of treating the skin with chemical compounds synthesized artificially in labs, using baking soda for skin issues can actually be pretty safe, especially since it is a naturally occurring compound that is found in abundant quantities in the form of the mineral ‘natron’. Here is a curated list of skin problems that this extraordinary compound could help treat (baking soda’s quite magical like that). So prop yourself on your couch, take a bite out of that mouth-watering muffin you just baked (using baking soda, of course!) and read on.


1. Benefits of baking soda for skin

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

Did you know? Baking soda has been discovered in mineral springs across the world, attracting a host of tourists who want to experience the invigorating benefits of this exceptional compound to such places. Using baking soda as a skin treatment can work wonders when used in the right manner and quantities. Right from being an excellent exfoliator to a being a brilliant bleaching agent, baking soda has properties that could potentially make it your skin’s best friend. Let's take a look at its many benefits, shall we...


i) Helps clear acne and breakouts

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

The exfoliating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of baking soda for skin can help reduce the reoccurrence of pimples and acne. Mind you though, baking soda in its unadulterated form can be a bit too harsh for your skin.

BB pro tip: To use baking soda as an acne-fighting agent, mix 1-2 tsp. of the compound to a gentle facial cleanser. Mix warm water to turn it into a paste-like consistency and apply on affected areas. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water. 


ii) It helps tightens pores

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

Baking soda is not only a good exfoliator but also helps by slightly shrinking the size of your pores, thereby preventing dirt and other particulate matter from clogging them.

BB pro tip: In order to use baking soda as an astringent or toner, mix about a tablespoon of it into a bottle of water and apply it to your face. The solution works even better when refrigerated for a while before being used over your skin.


iii) Adds glow to the skin

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

The compound, when mixed with certain juices like orange, can provide your skin with multiple benefits. The healing properties of such a solution can boost the collagen levels of your skin while also cleaning out any impurities that might be present.

BB pro tip: In addition to a glowing complexion, if you wish to get rid of any spots, scars (especially those left behind by acne or pimples) or blemishes on your skin, mixing baking soda with lemon juice will help you create an effective and natural bleaching solution.


iv) Mattifies oily skin

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

There are many reasons why your skin might feel oilier than others - your sebaceous glands are in overdrive, there is hormonal imbalance of it the just how your skin is! An easy baking soda face mask can help arrest this excessive oiliness in a gentle way. 

BB pro tip: For a mattifying masking experience, prepare a solution of baking soda and potato juice, which helos evening out your skin tone in the affected regions. Baking soda, being alkaline in nature, tends to dry out your skin though. So it is often recommended that you apply a moisturiser on your skin after having bleached or cleansed it using a baking soda solution. Psst...this mask can also helo get rid dark pigmentation patches on your skin!


v) Gets rid of dead skin cells

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

As we’ve mentioned before, baking soda truly has remarkable exfoliating properties. A paste made from baking soda for your skin can help you get rid of the dead cells that get accumulated over time. When you’re using it as a face pack to gently exfoliate your skin so as to get back its original complexion and texture, having baking soda at your disposal can really come in handy.

BB pro tip: In the case of exfoliating your skin, mixing baking soda with honey can help get back its soft, natural appearance back. Especially since the honey in the solution tends to work like magic when it comes to moisturising your skin.


vi) Fights skin infections

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

The anti-bacterial properties of baking soda help prevent the occurrence of breakouts on your skin. It also aids in keeping just about all kinds of rashes and skin infections at bay,

BB pro tip: When mixed with coconut oil, the alkaline, anti-fungal and also pH balancing solution of baking soda for your skin (or a paste) can help treat skin infections that you might have.


vii) Aids in pain-free hair removal

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

Baking soda works great in the field of hair removal as well. Whether you wish to get rid of some of your facial hair or remove that stubborn ingrowth, you can count on baking soda to come to your rescue. This alkaline compound tends to dehydrate your hair follicles in the process of exfoliation so that the unwanted hair can come out easily without causing you much pain.

BB pro tip: When mixed with equal part os turmeric and water, baking soda can turn into a thin paste which can be used to exfoliate your skin and remove unwanted hair. It also prevents the treated area from being infected in the immediate future, which is pretty important since exposed hair follicles can be quite susceptible to infection.


viii) Fights body odour

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

Speaking of killing bacteria, if you’re a person who sweats a lot and is troubled by the problem of body odour, using baking soda for this skin issue can certainly help your cause.

BB pro tip: Not only does applying a solution made from baking soda and lemon juice before taking a bath helps kill the odour-causing bacteria, but it also helps control your perspiration levels by absorbing any excess moisture and by managing the pH of your skin. And we’re pretty sure you’ll love that lingering lemony fragrance too.


ix) Works as an at-home foot soak

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

As mentioned earlier, baking soda can be used to get rid of dead skin cells and works as an excellent de-odorising agent. As such, using it as an at-home foot soak can help get rid of cracked heels and keep them smelling minty fresh; just add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to the water!

BB pro tip: To use baking soda as an at-home pedicure, just dip them in a bucket containing a solution of the compound (usually three tablespoons in a bucketful of water should do) and then use a pumice stone or a foot file to scrub off the dead skin cells (don’t forget to moisturise your feet thereafter).


x) Aids in lip care

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

If your lips constantly feel chapped, flaky and look dark, they are in some serious need of exfoliation. As mentioned earlier, baking soda can work as a gentler exfoliator on lips too, revealing softer, pink lips underneath. 

BB pro tip: A DIY lip scrub is super simple to make - just mix the compound with water to make a thick, creamy paste. Apply it on your lips in a massaging motion, dabbing it lightly to get it really in there. Do this for 2-3 minutes and wash off with warm water; follow with a nourishing and calming lip balm!


2. FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

FAQs about baking soda benefits for skin

1) Can I use baking soda on my face every day?

A. No, baking soda is not recommended for everyday use on the skin as it can cause irritation. Use obe r twice in the form DIY mixes so as to avoid any harsh reaction on your skin.

2) What are the side-effects of baking soda for skin?

A. If overused or applied improperly, baking soda can have the following effects on your skin:

  • Overdrying of your skin
  • Wrinkling in eye area and forehead
  • Increased acne breakouts and blemishes
  • Irritated and inflamed skin
  • Worsening of skin rashes

3) Can you have an allergic reaction to baking soda?​

A. Yes, some people can show allergic reactions to baking soda in the form of redness, irritation, burning and sometimes swelling. This is why it is recommended to always do a patch test on your arms before trying a DIY baking soda recipe.

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