Dark Area Around Mouth: Causes And Treatments

Written by Lopa KApr 04, 2023
Dark area around mouth: Causes and Treatments

Wonder why the area around your mouth is dark and patchy? Let’s take a look at the causes of the hyperpigmentation and how you can get to eradicating them. 

Have you ever applied so much concealer around your mouth while doing makeup that it looks like you were parched and stuck in a desert without water for a week? The dark area around your mouth is a pretty common occurrence but why? Let’s dive into the causes of this type of hyperpigmentation and how you can treat it.  

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Causes of hyperpigmentation around mouth 

A lot of us may one day look in the mirror and realise that the skin around our lips might be patchy and uneven. The philtrum which is the space between the nose and the lips tends to look darker than the usual blemishes, giving the illusion of a moustache. This kind of discolouration is not usually serious and can be caused due to diet or external factors. 

Exposure to sun is a possible reason of hyperpigmentation around mouth 

Dermatologists and studies have observed that the dark area around the mouth is caused by severe exposure to the sun. If you are out and about without any sunscreen, higher melanin is produced near the mouth, leading to hyperpigmentation. 

Breakouts may lead to dark skin around the mouth 

Hyperpigmentation is also caused by trauma to the skin formed from breakouts, stubborn acne, infections and burns. The skin around the mouth is sensitive, it may be dark and discoloured despite the wound healing. If not treated, the hyperpigmentation may take several months to fade.  

Lack of vitamins can cause pigmentation around mouth 

Vitamin deficiency is often a cause of hyperpigmentation of the whole face, so it is only natural that it would also affect the sensitive parts which also happens to be near your lips. A lack of vitamins B12 and D further enhances the hyperpigmentation, making you look like you just tried to eat a burger without your hands. While lack of vitamin D is due to limited sun exposure, vitamin B12 deficiency is mostly due to an unhealthy diet.  

Darkness around mouth as a side effect 

Don’t try to blame blemishes all on yourself because sometimes they might not even be your doing. Hyperpigmentation around the lips can also be because of the side effects of certain medicines like antibiotics, chemotherapy meds, female hormone treatments, and estrogen pills. But don’t fret, it is as easily treatable as blemishes left by acne and sun rays. 

Melasma is a reason of dark area around mouth 

While there is no serious underlying cause of dark areas around your mouth, it can be due to melasma which occurs when women go through hormonal changes. Hyperpigmentation can also be formed during pregnancy or if you are on birth control pills. Combined with exposure to the sun, it can make the blemishes darker. 

dark area around mouth indian woman

Post-laser hyperpigmentation or post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) 

Upper lip pigmentation can be caused by laser hair removal, or even skin waxing. Dermal fillers may also be a reason of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  

How to treat the dark area around the mouth 

dark area around mouth indian woman

Wearing sunscreen can prevent hyperpigmentation around mouth 

Let’s face that sunscreen is always the key to healthy and beautiful skin. Wearing sunscreen like the Pond’s Serum-Boost Sunscreen won’t just reduce dark spots, it will also protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that could affect the rest of the body. It goes as high as SPF 55 and is loaded with niacinamide which is the best skincare ingredient you can have for treating dark patches. Sun rays darken already-formed patches around the mouth which can be prevented by generously applying this sunscreen. It not only brings about results in four weeks, but it also has a non-sticky gel version so whether you have oily skin or dry skin, you have the perfect sun protector.

dark area around mouth indian woman

Exfoliation may reduce dark skin around the mouth 

Reducing hyperpigmentation can sometimes be as easy as exfoliating since after all, it is the dead skin cells on the surface of your face that change colour and create dark spots. Use scrubs like Lakmé De Tan Scrub with antioxidants and astringents to clear the skin of discoloured and dead skin cells, which in turn will lead to the evening of the skin tone. It also has skin-brightening ingredients like oatmeal and walnut that deep cleanses the face and also removes the suntan, dirt and grime that further magnify the blemishes you want to erase. 

dark area around mouth indian woman

Skin brightening serums help to get rid of pigmentation around mouth 

Along with exfoliation, applying a skin-brightening serum further enriches damaged skin and helps to even your complexion. The Lakmé 9 to 5 Vitamin C Serum not only moisturises the damaged skin but also lightens dark patches and improves the skin’s texture, which may have been left bumpy after the formation of blemishes. Choose the right serum for you just now: 

5 Serums For Dullness, Dryness, Hyperpigmentation, Acne & Damaged Skin | Be Beautiful 

Diet can help with eradicating the darkness around mouth 

With vitamin deficiency also being a cause of hyperpigmentation, all you might require is a tweak in your diet for a glowing face. Add food items in your meal that are rich in vitamin B12 and D like milk, orange juice, eggs, and yoghurt. 

Chemical treatments can be a solution of dark area around mouth 

If you have stubborn dark patches that refuse to budge a shade, you might want to resort to laser treatment, prescribed medicines or chemical peels. Consult a dermatologist for the best method.  

That’s quite tricky that laser treatments, retinol or vitamin C themselves sometimes can cause hyperpigmentation around mouth — if you don’t protect your skin properly after these treatments. So, the main rule is to protect your skin with SPF, especially the delicate area around mouth, and you’ll thank us later as an issue won’t come back. 

dark area around mouth indian woman

FAQs on hyperpigmentation around the mouth 

What are the most popular questions about dark area around mouth? Shortly get away from the darkness with these answers. 

Why is the skin around my mouth dark? 

Darkness or hyperpigmentation around the mouth is formed due to melanin production. Some of the common causes are vitamin deficiency or exposure to the sun. 

Is the darkness around my mouth permanent? 

No, don’t worry about that. The dark patches are not permanent but they may take months to fade. Check out the treatments mentioned above to hasten the process, and have a good luck with it. 

How do I get rid of dark corners around my mouth fast? 

For dark corners around your mouth, you can use all treatments mentioned above. Also, don’t forget to use your lip balm and hydrate your lips well. 

How can I get rid of pigmentation around my mouth naturally? 

Be careful when creating homemade cosmetics, make sure you are not allergic to it, and ideally consult with a dermatologist. If you are a true fan of DIY-recipes, try this: 

  • Mix 50/50 water and cider vinegar. 

  • Apply it with patches around your lips and wait for two minutes. 

  • Rinse with water and repeat two times a day. 

Another options are: massage with honey, lemon juice, or almond oil home massage. After these treatments, don’t forget to use an SPF, when coming to direct sun lights. 

How to cover hyperpigmentation around mouth? 

OK, getting rid of dark area around mouth may take months, but what can you do just now? Use the magic of makeup — a peach corrector, or just add blush into your corrector. Once you applied your corrector, then take a tissue paper and wipe off the excess of the product. After this, apply your foundation. If you still see a dark pigment, apply your concealer slightly with your fingers and wipe again. Your natural-looking cover for hyperpigmentation around mouth is ready. 

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