How To Make Lips Pink And Healthy: Full Guide

Written by Lopa KDec 26, 2022
How to Make Lips Pink and Healthy: Full Guide

Even if you have clear skin and lush tresses, your makeup can fall flat if you have chapped, dark lips. Unfortunately, it’s true. A healthy pout has the power to uplift your whole appearance so it’s no wonder women all over the world are going crazy about getting plump, pert puckers. If you too are wondering about how to make lips pink and remedy your dull, dark ones, we’ve got the answers. 

How to make lips pink and healthy: the basics  

There may be many reasons for damaged or discoloured lips from bad habits like picking, not discarding expired lipsticks to humidity and exposure to UV rays. Have you ever been thirsty but were too lazy or tired to drink water? Yep, that can also cause chapped and discoloured lips. However, if genetically you have dark-coloured lips, don’t blame yourself as these remedies won’t work always. You might have to opt for makeup or a cosmetic procedure for severe pigmentation or scarring to make your lips pink permanently. But don’t fret, not all hope is lost. Let’s take a look at some ways on how to make lips pink.

How to make lips pink and healthy


Exfoliate your lips.

FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy

Just like any other part of your skin, you need to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead cells and grime that may have accumulated. You can try a homemade scrub made of coconut or olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice and sugar. Massage your lips with it for half a minute, three times a week. It also boosts blood circulation and makes your lips pink.



FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy

Your lips do not have oil glands to moisturise on their own so they need all the help they can get. Try out moisturising and conditioning lip balms like the OG Vaseline Lip Tin. Along with the petroleum jelly, it is loaded with vitamin E which is needed to lock in moisture and bring a natural shine to your lips. Keep your lip balm handy with you at all times and reapply it regularly, even before you go to bed to get soft and pink lips. 

Drink enough water 

How to make lips pink if you won’t give your body the basic necessities like water? Water is probably one of the biggest factors ever when it comes to the appearance of lips and if you forget to drink your daily quota, it could be the reason for dark and chapped lips. Compare your lips when you drink one glass of water per day and when your body gets two litres of water a day. Dehydration causes your lips to shrivel, peel and sometimes darken. Drinking eight to 10 glasses of water every day will make a world of difference.


Apply a lip primer

FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy

Sometimes, the chemicals from your lipsticks are responsible for turning your lips dark and pigmented. Does that mean you have to stop wearing lipstick altogether? Of course not. Simply apply a thin layer of primer on your lips before wearing lipstick to prevent these chemicals from coming in contact with your lips. Or just use lipstick that has an inbuilt primer. Easy-peasy, right? We love the Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color which actually stays on all day long without any need for a touch-up. Highly pigmented, it can easily cover up your natural lip colour with just one swipe.


Apply sun protection

FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy

UV rays are also responsible for discolouring your lips. Prevent sun damage by applying SPF-enriched lip balms like the Lakme Lip Love Chapstick SPF 15 every time you step out in the sun. You can kill two birds with one stone as it will moisturise your lips and protect them from the sun. In addition to that, it is available in a wide variety of flavours and is perfect to add a tint of colour to your lips. Don’t forget to slip it into your handbag wherever you go! 

Quit smoking 

Well, it looks like you just got one more reason to quit smoking. Smoking discolours your lips and dries them. For healthy and pink lips skip out on the cigarettes and notice the change yourself. 

Choose the right lipstick 

Unfortunately, your favourite lipstick that you have been saving for years might have something to do with the natural tone of your lips. Try the swatch hack by applying the lipstick to a coin. If it turns brown or black it means that the lipstick has expired and may damage your lips, so throw it out ASAP.


DIY home remedies

FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy

1. Ghee 

Applying a little bit of ghee is the easiest way on how to make lips pink and soft naturally.   

2. Beetroot paste 

Beetroot juice is the perfect solution since you get an immediate tint when applied. It also makes your lips naturally pink in the long run since beet contains bleaching and exfoliating properties. 

3. Honey and lemon mask 

Forget about the honey-lemon juice that your grandma used to give you for your cold. This potent combo is also perfect for softening and tinting your lips. Honey acts as a moisturiser while lemon’s bleaching agent deals with discolouration. Apply one teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of lemon juice on your lips for 15 minutes and then wash it off. 

4. Strawberry  

Have you ever dreamed of getting strawberry-coloured lips? Well, why don’t we turn to the fruit itself for help? Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it gives a glow to your lips. Crush a strawberry and mix it with a teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Apply it for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy


5. Milk and turmeric scrub  

Milk and turmeric scrub is the perfect exfoliator for all kinds of skin treatments. So, why not try it on your lips? Milk moisturises your lips while the healing properties of turmeric control the dryness and dark spots of your lips. Combine a teaspoon of cold milk and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder aka haldi and massage on your lips for five minutes. 

6. Lemon and almond oil 

Almond oil is a natural moisturiser that treats the dryness and rough texture of your lips. Combining it with lemon which lightens blemishes will help make your lips pink naturally. Mix a teaspoon of almond oil with a few drops of lemon juice and massage on your lips. Wash it off after 30 minutes and do it thrice a week for the best results.


FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy

FAQs about how to make lips pink and healthy


1) How can I get permanent pink lips naturally? 

Expand your skincare routine by exfoliating your lips frequently, hydrating and applying sunscreen and primer.  

2) Does Vaseline make lips pink? 

Yes. Vaseline is an age-old product that has been used to soften and moisturise your lips. It makes your lips healthy and so in turn makes them appear pink. 

3) How can I make my lips pink in 2 minutes? 

Let’s be honest, no natural remedy can bring about results in two minutes or overnight. However, exfoliating and applying lip balm can make your lips look more vibrant. Or you can always apply lipstick to make your lips look pink immediately. 

4) Does rose water make lips pink? 

Yes, rose water helps in healing, soothing and moisturising chapped and discoloured lips. 

Well, instead of reaching for your favourite nude, address the problem at the root. There are several ways on how to make lips pink naturally. From obvious tips like hydrating to applying lip scrubs and balm, take a look at our tips above.

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