There’s no dearth of skincare products and trends. We see so many brands, products, ingredients and trends emerge every now and then, and we want to try them all. But one product that never seems to get old or get replaced by something new are peel off masks. Other than making you feel weirdly satisfied while peeling off the mask properly, these masks offer a wide range of skin benefits. Especially, black peel off masks, which are all the rage right now amongst skin enthusiasts and newbies alike.

In fact, peel off masks are more popular amongst millennials than most others. The sale of this type of mask is constantly on the rise worldwide and it continues to be their favourite way to pamper their skin. Black peel off masks are the most popular of the lot, probably because famous beauty bloggers and celebrities are posting pictures of their faces with black peel off masks on their social media pages every other day! But is that the only reason why the popularity of this peel off mask is rising? We think not, there are a lot of benefits of using this peel off mask, here are seven reasons why you should give it a shot.


1. Black peel off masks - Reduces pore size

Reduces pore size

If you struggle with dull and ageing skin, peel off masks can help you tackle the problem. Applying masks to your skin and allowing it to dry tightens the pores and reduces the size of enlarged pores. Using a black peel off mask can work wonders for your skin because it absorbs the oil from your face, tightens the skin as it dries, and gives it a healthy glow


2. Removes blackheads

Removes blackheads

No-rinse peel off masks and particularly, black peel off masks, also effectively remove blackheads that may be clogging the pores. As the mask dries off on your skin and becomes tighter, it also extracts dirt, bacteria, blackheads and whiteheads. Therefore if you see the side that was stuck to your skin you will notice small white heads on the mask. This mask is recommended for those with oily and acne prone skin, where blackheads and whiteheads are far more common than those with any other skin type.


3. Eliminates excessive shine

Eliminates excessive shine

Another benefit of using a peel off mask is that it absorbs excessive oil from the skin and makes it look softer, smoother and glowing. Black peel off masks contain charcoal which is an excellent skincare ingredient for anyone with oily skin as it draws dirt, oil and bacteria from deep within the skin. Build-up of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria that get trapped in the pores of the skin lead to acne, and using a charcoal peel off mask can prevent acne as well as improve the overall complexion of the skin.


4. Uproots fine facial hair

Uproots fine facial hair

Some women have thick and visible facial hair whereas others have fine hair. No matter what type of facial hair you have, it can surely bring your glow down and make your skin look dull. The reason why peel off masks sting slightly when you take them off is because they also remove fine facial hair while coming off. This is why, after removing a black peel off mask your skin beneath looks brighter, smoother and glowing. If you wax or use a razor to get rid of facial hair, we suggest switching to peel off masks. It is safer, does not irritate the skin and offers more benefits than just taking hair off your face.


5. Allows easy hydration

Allows easy hydration

Did you know the reason why your skincare products may not be showing any results is not that they are not effective, but it might be because your skin is unable to absorb them? That’s right, when your skin is clogged or sitting under a layer of dead skin cells or fine facial hair and other impurities, it might be difficult for something as simple as a moisturiser to work its magic. Using a peel off mask will remove all these impurities, lets your skin breathe and allows the skincare products to penetrate better.


6. Soothes inflammation

Soothes inflammation

You already know what an important role antioxidants play in skincare, and using products that are rich in antioxidants can give relief from a lot of skin problems. Apart from charcoal, some peel off masks are infused with plant or fruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants and using this face mask regularly can soothe inflamed or irritated skin. However, we do not recommend using peel off masks on active acne, and on extremely sensitive skin as the peeling off part can cause redness and itchiness. It is best to talk to your doctor if you have any of these problems before using a peel off mask.

diy black peel off mask

What is the correct way of applying a black peel off mask?

  • Cleanse your face using a facial cleanser to get rid of all the dirt on the surface of your skin.
  • Apply the mask using a face mask brush, evenly all over your face, paying special attention to the forehead, nose and chin. Stay away from your eyebrows!
  • Allow the mask to dry off completely, 15-20 minutes should be enough.
  • Peel it off gently, in the opposite direction of how you applied it, rinse with warm water.
  • Pat your face dry and apply a thin layer of moisturiser.

diy black peel off mask

FAQs about black peel off masks:

Q. Can I use a peel off mask every day?

A. Frequent usage of peel off masks can affect the elasticity of the skin, therefore it is better to use it only once or twice a week.

Q. Do peel off masks damage the skin?

A. Generally, peel off masks are safe for most skin types, but the safety factor also depends on the brand and ingredients used in the peel off mask. Some of them can be harsh and strip delicate skin off its moisture. Therefore, we recommend choosing your peel off mask wisely.

Q. Can I make my own peel off mask at home?

A. Yes, you can make your own black peel off mask at home using activated charcoal, gelatine, bentonite clay and water.