With the crazy salon lingo, deciding on a hair removal technique for down there can seem like you’re trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Bikini, French and Brazilian wax may seem like different names for essentially the same thing — waxing the pubic area—but guess what, they’re all different.

To help you understand exactly what’s what and to help you ask for at the right service at salon the next time, we dig up the difference between bikini, Brazilian and French wax...

bikini french and brazilian wax

Bikini wax

The most common form of waxing, a bikini wax is ideal for beginners. It is also perfect for someone who wants to wear hot shorts or a bikini (summer vacay feels, ya know?). This form of waxing consists of waxing the bikini area and includes the sides of your legs/thighs, your panty line and below the naval. A bikini wax forms a neat inverted triangle of hair that perfectly complements the panty line of your bikini.

Note: A bikini wax is mainly for beginners and won't take off much hair. This kind of waxing is only meant to be the first step towards more painful waxes. It is ideal for quick clean ups and does not require you to remove your panties. So for those who aren't comfortable being naked around a stranger, a bikini wax is the one for you!

French wax

Just like bikini wax, French wax too leaves a small amount of hair behind. In this sort of waxing, most of the hair from the front and sides is removed, but the hair from the middle and around the back is left behind. After this wax, your pubic region will feel clean and hygienic without feeling too bare. A French bikini wax will typically leave behind a small, vertical strip of hair.

bikini french and brazilian wax

Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax is the most popular type of bikini wax, but it is also the most painful. This form of waxing involves the removal of hair from the entire pubic region, including your bum fuzz. This is ideal for someone who wants to be completely hairless down there. This form of wax can initially be a little embarrassing as you would be required to spread your legs wide or to bend and raise your knees to your head in order to help the salon technician reach your most private parts.