Conditions such as white patches on the face, although not a very common issue, sometimes occur on facial skin. It may happen due to an array of reasons. Fortunately, there are cures for those, whether you seek medical help or you try some home-based solutions. Yes, there are home remedies for white patches on the face and those are actually quite effective. But first, let’s understand what causes white patches on skin.

White Patches on Skin Causes

There are various skin conditions that can cause white patches on the skin. While it may not be considered a serious skin condition, it is considered a serious mental condition because it has a high probability of affecting a person's mental abilities as well as their surroundings. Here are some of the most common skin conditions that cause white patches on skin.

1. Milia

White patches can be caused by this kind of skin condition, which causes fluid-filled boils to rise to the surface of the skin.

2. Eczema

Red bumps appear on the knees, wrists, elbows, eyelids, and hands of people with this skin condition.

3. Pityriasis Alba

Children between 1 and 3 years of age usually suffer from this skin condition. This skin condition usually causes redness, itching, and white patches on the face. Although it heals, it leaves a lot of white marks, which can potentially lead to white patches on your skin.

4. Vitiligo

A person may suffer from vitiligo which causes white patches to appear on his or her face or anywhere on their body. Usually, white patches occur when pigmentation cells die, though other causes may also contribute.

5. Sun Spots

Your skin loses its skin tone when it develops these white spots. Pigmentation-related problems are commonly responsible for skin discolouration that starts on your legs and slowly progresses to your arms and upper back. In addition to being prone to this skin condition, you may also suffer from hereditary skin conditions. If you are exposed to the sun for a long period of time, you may also suffer from this type of skin condition.

6. Lichen Sclerosus

People of all ages can get this kind of skin condition. In women, it looks red and thin under the skin and can occur in several parts of the body. Hormone imbalances are the main reason for this skin condition.

White Patches on Skin Home Remedies 

White patches on the face or body mostly happen due to a skin disorder known as pityriasis alba. It can even be a condition called vitiligo. In any case, if these patches appear on the skin, it is reason enough to alarm you that something abnormal is happening in your body. You should immediately seek a dermatologist’s help. But these home remedies for white patches on the face can act as an effective complementary treatment.

Let’s take a look at some of these remedies that we have put together for you.


1. Aloe vera

1. Aloe vera

The first in the list of natural ingredients that are effective as home remedies for white patches on the face, is aloe vera. Aloe vera is known to be a soothing and moisturising agent that is also anti-inflammatory in nature. Try applying fresh aloe vera gel to white patches for around 20 minutes before you wash it off with water. Do this twice a week and you will soon notice results.


2. Neem oil

2. Neem oil

Another great natural ingredient that helps diminish white patches is neem oil. It is antifungal in nature and not only helps calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory nature, but also ensures any discolouration is dealt with. With regular usage, neem oil is effective in tackling white patches on the face.


3. Honey

3. Honey

Honey is a natural moisturiser that is abundant in antioxidants. Directly applying honey on the face gives it a much-needed boost of nutrition and moisture and helps deal with white spots on the face. Apply it on your entire face for half an hour before you rinse it off. You can do this daily for a radiant look that is free of white patches.


4. Basil

4. Basil

Basil is an antibacterial agent that helps ward off germs and free radicals that affect the skin adversely, causing conditions such as white patches. It also tackles discolouration, dryness and pigmentation on the skin. The best way to do it is by making a drink out of basil leaves and drinking it first thing in the morning. Although, if you have certain medications going on, consult with your doctor first. The consultation should also happen if you are allergic or sensitive to certain interactions.


5. Apple cider vinegar

5. Apple cider vinegar

Do you know that there are certain ‘good’ bacteria in your gut? Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient that helps increase the abundance of these good bacteria. This eases the whole digestion process and helps the body absorb nutrients better, leading to lesser chances of white patches. All you have to do is have 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar diluted in a tall glass, half an hour before your meal. You can have it daily.

FAQs about White Patches on Skin Causes and Home Remedies

Is it possible to cure white patches?

It is a skin disorder that can affect an individual's way of thinking in society as well as their appearance. This condition is called vitiligo, and it, unfortunately, cannot be cured but can be treated and prevented from spreading.

Are there any foods that can cause Vitiligo?

There's nothing to it, it's a common myth. People think that drinking milk or eating sour foods like lemons and oranges causes Vitiligo. The fact is that Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease that isn't caused by food and doesn't have any direct relationship to food. It's not aimed at avoiding any food, it's just proven science.

Does a deficiency cause white patches on the skin?

When you don't eat a healthy, balanced diet, you can develop white patches on the skin, which indicates that you are deficient in vitamin E, calcium, and vitamin D.