Don’t you just love putting on a luxurious sheet mask and reaping its numerous benefits? However, it’s extremely likely that you aren’t actually gaining all the rewards the sheet mask has to offer. Wondering why? Well, you may be using the sheet mask incorrectly. You may think that all there is to using these face masks is opening the sachet, unfolding the mask without ripping it, and then applying it to your face— but it isn’t that simple. There are a couple of things that you’re probably doing unknowingly, which are negatively impacting the effectiveness of your sheet mask. So, if you’ve ever been upset with a sheet mask because it didn’t work the way it claimed it would, the problem probably doesn’t lie with the mask, but instead, lies with the way you’ve used it. Here are a couple of mistakes you could be making while applying a sheet mask:

1. Not prepping your skin properly

1. Not prepping your skin properly

Just like any other face mask, it’s important to make sure your skin is absolutely clean before applying the mask. This involves removing all your makeup, and ensuring that there isn’t any dirt or debris on your face. It’s also a good idea to exfoliate your skin before applying a sheet mask, so that all dead skin cells are removed. By doing all of this, you’ll have cleared the way for the sheet mask’s ingredients to penetrate your facial skin and work their magic.

2. Not making sure the mask adheres to your face

The package may say that the sheet mask has been designed to be one-size-fits-all, but this may not always be the case. As everyone has a different face shape, the same type of sheet mask may not fit everyone perfectly. However, it’s necessary to make sure that the sheet mask fits your face properly. You could do this by gently pressing the mask onto your face, and smoothing it all over.

3. Leaving it on for very long

It’s important to remember that leaving a sheet mask on your face for very long doesn’t mean that its results will be better. If you leave the mask on longer that you’re instructed to, it may suck all the moisture and nutrients out from your skin, and will leave your skin less nourished than it was before.

4. Washing your face immediately after using the sheet mask

A sheet mask isn’t like most other masks. Usually, you would wash your face after applying a face mask, to wash off any remaining residue. However, you shouldn’t do this after you’ve used a sheet mask. This is because, a sheet mask contains actives that continue to nourish your skin even after the mask has been removed. To fully enjoy its benefits, leave the product on your face for a while, and occasionally pat and massage it in, so that it can make its way to your skin’s inner layers.