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Submitted by bebeautiful on Fri, 04/18/2014 - 10:51

Elixir is a luxurious blend of precious oils by DOVE. Infused with real ingredients, it nourishes your hair from root to tip. This potent blend of oils has the power of overnight oiling in 30 minutes versus coconut oil.

Quantity And Packaging
90 ml
Dove Elixir Dryness Care enriched with the nourishing blend of olive oil and lavender; that help to tame frizz & gently soften and smoothen hair fiber. This unique alchemy of real extracts makes your hair irresistible to touch.
Directions to Use
New Dove Elixir can be used before cleansing for deep nourishment. It can be applied after cleansing as a finishing touch to help style and add shine.
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