Can We Apply Oil After Hair Smoothening? 

Written by Team BBNov 02, 2022
Can We Apply Oil After Hair Smoothening? 

What is hair smoothening and should oil locks after treating your hair to it? Know everything here!

Picture this: you leave your house with an intact mane; combed and styled to perfection — and just after a gust of wind, two taxi changes and impromptu encounter with a pal, you’re carrying a bag of frizz on your head. And the worse part? You have a day's meetings and a date to get through until you can fix it again!

Yes, we’ve all been there, wanting to look neat, while the world has had other plans for your strands. To do away with this mane drama, hair smoothening is a procedure you can fall back on. It steals a few hair minutes from one’s a.m dolling regime and the stress of having shabby hair throughout the day. 

However, if you’ve already booked a salon appointment, are preparing to do it yourself or have gotten lured into your friends’ sweet words about hair smoothening, we’re here to caution you about after-care you need to consider!

And while there are a plethora of questions about the process. The most common one is, can I use oil after smoothening? Well this is a very valid concern because oil has always been the MVP of an Indian woman’s haircare arsenal.

So, plunge into your insights about this issue and lock the hair smoothening decision, once you know about it thoroughly!

after how many days can we apply oil after smoothening

What is hair smoothing?

For starters and to understand the clash between oil and smoothening, you need to dig down to the basics.

Hair smoothing is a chemical process where the magic solution, formaldehyde, is applied to one's locks. Once the mixture is made to rest on your hair, then a flat iron is used to keep the chemical locked in — the perfect seal.

As a result of this, one can wake up with non-frizzy, smooth and of course, straight hair. However, as humans even when we have the good, we want the better. Which is why, the craving to nourish our locks with the oil; the unmatched hair food comes in. So...

What happens if you oil your chemically smoothened locks?

Considering hair smoothening is a chemical process, applying anything on your locks after you’ve given it the chemical promise may lead to damage! Which is why you should stay away from oiling your locks.

Why? If you applying oil on hair that has newly undergone the smoothening, the oil doesn’t let the formaldehyde work to its best potential. This rift will lead to just the opposite, making your hair excessively frizzy. Also, the damage talk doesn’t end just there, it also robs your hair if its natural or newly acquired shine and smooth texture.

Which is why, we say, keep the oil bottles back in your drawers to make the most out of the time, energy and money you’ve invested in your hair smoothening process.

However, there are still those who are tempted to go in with the classic head massage — yes, it’s irresistible, we get it. For them, we’ve highlighted some more insights.

after how many days can we apply oil after smoothening

How long should you stay from oiling your hair after smoothing it?

It’s no secret that after introducing your hair to any treatment, it takes a while to adapt to it. Mostly, the duration is 2-3 weeks and within this tenure you shouldn’t apply oil to your hair. In fact, it’s just not oil, any and every haircare product - be it, serum or gel should be locked inside your drawer.

To stay on the safer side, we suggest waiting for at least 3 weeks before going in with that satisfying hair massage. Within this period you should also keep your hands off oil-based products — for about 4 weeks. For some this is easy but for some, the compromise is real. 

So, now that you’re giving up on your hair’s favourite food, it’s normal to ask…

What should be used instead?

Careful, that’s what you need to be after hair smoothening. So, here are the ground rules you need to adhere to.

First things first: the first 48 hours

Come home with fresh smoothened locks? Enjoy it as you deserve to and don’t use any products for your hair for this is when your locks are extremely sensitive! So much so, keep it away from a running tap as well because it needs time to get used to the straight and smooth condition. And even water can hinder the softening! So just buckle it up, keep away from the distractions and go ahead with your day, knowing a shinier tomorrow awaits you!

after how many days can we apply oil after smoothening

The other days to come: the third to the fifteenth day

The sensitivity stays! Just because the two day soft soil disclaimer has settled doesn’t mean you plunge into your old habits again. Between the third and fifteen day you also have to be cautious. You can’t use everything you desire on your locks — just a mild shampoo and conditioner. We recommend the unfailing Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner; super gentle and nourishing on the locks.

And although you’re using a mild shampoo, don’t gush it into your hair and form that frothy crown, instead apply it calmly. Allow it to deepen into your hair and rinse it out in some time. When it comes to the conditioning corner, permit it to sit for a bit and rinse it out too. Don’t use hot water or the freezing cold pours — lukewarm is where it’s at.

To make the most of that conditioning power, you can go on with any mild leave-in cream conditioner for it will capture the moisture and seal all the hydration!

Lastly, instead of using your normal hairbrush; the paddle one, opt for a wide tooth comb. This paves way for minimal hair fall and breakage.

The last half: after 15 days

Phew, if you’ve made it here! Now that your hair is a relatively settled zone and your scalp has accepted the newness of it all — you should go wild and give up on all the TLC. In fact, the concern should be more!

Make your room on your plates for more healthy foods that are good for your scalp and hair. Such as, an extra serving of spinach won’t hurt anyone.

Also, now you may finally start using oil but be careful of it. Speak to your stylist and ask them for their perspective. Also, take suggestions on which product to use! Ideally one without any sulphate or parabens.

And yes, you may be inclined towards those iron tongs and curls but we’d say, avoid any type of highlighting, colour or heat for the next six months to come. Enjoy your smoothened locks for what they are!


Smoothening out the right answers for you

Q: How many times can hair smoothening be done?

A: Avoid doing an in-salon hair smoothening treatment more than three times a year. Since every time you indulge in the procedure your hair becomes more vulnerable to hair fall and breakage.

Q: How long will smoothening last?

A: Although you may want it to last forever, the results of the smoothening treatment last for about two to five months.

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