Natural Hair Removal: 8 Easy Tips To Remove Unwanted Body Hair At Home

Written by Lopa KAug 18, 2022
Natural Hair Removal: 8 Easy Tips to Remove Unwanted Body Hair at Home
Let’s face it—hair removal can be a rather unpleasant affair. Whether it’s waxing, threading or shaving, there are painful nicks, stubborn ingrowth and rashes to deal with. We feel your pain and so, we’ve put together a guide on natural and easy ways to remove body hair.

Is body hair removal permanent with natural methods?

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To say that one can get rid of it permanently is a rather tall claim. While there are laser treatments and new products claiming that unwanted body hair removal can be permanent, in most cases, the hair follicles always heal and regrow hair, whether it is a week or two years down the line. Similarly, there are natural methods and home remedies that may prolong the hairless period, but there is no permanent solution yet.


How to remove body hair naturally

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If you are afraid of the pain of waxing, sugaring is for you. A paste made out of sugar helps remove body hair from its roots without pulling at the skin. This method was, in fact, used in ancient Egypt as a precursor to waxing. Legend tells us this is how Cleopatra used it for removing facial hair. One can make a sugaring paste at home with sugar, lemon and water heated together. Many people also add honey to this paste since it also has a waxy texture. There are also organic, paraben-free sugaring packs easily available online for those who do not have time to make a homemade paste.



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There is a lot of scientific evidence behind the beauty benefits of the ancient Indian tradition of using turmeric (haldi) and milk on a bride-to-be. A paste made of turmeric and milk can be applied on the skin and rubbed off to get rid of dead skin as well as fine hair. Make this paste with turmeric and a teaspoon of milk—ensure the consistency is thick. Apply on the skin and scrub off after 20 minutes. In case the paste is too dry, you can also use coconut oil to remove it smoothly. If you have an urgent appointment immediately after and you don’t want to leave looking like a minion, rub off the yellow tint left behind by the turmeric with Lakme Bi-Phased Makeup Remover.



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Threading is one of the oldest and simplest hair removal methods that has been used in India for centuries. Every parlour technician has been trained to use a thin, sharp cotton thread to remove facial hair. Post-pandemic, beauty aficionados have also taken to learning how to thread at home with easy tutorials. Threading also happens to be less painful than waxing and is also longer-lasting as the hair is pulled from the roots.


Egg and cornstarch

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Did you know that you can use egg not just to nourish your hair but also to remove unwanted body hair naturally? When used in a paste, eggs create a thick and almost sticky texture which is perfect to trap body hair and remove it. While eggs alone can help, they can also be combined with ingredients like cornstarch which thickens the DIY paste and helps with ingrowth. Simply, apply the paste and scrub off after 25 minutes when it has hardened.


Oatmeal and banana

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Yet another paste that can be used to scrub off body hair is one made of oatmeal and banana. The coarse texture of the oatmeal acts like an exfoliator which helps remove dead skin cells, as well as fine body hair. Banana on the other hand, softens hair and also nourishes the skin. Massage the paste on the skin for about 10 minutes and then scrub off.


Raw papaya

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Papayas are our best bet against fighting off hair follicles. The enzymes in raw papayas actually help destroy hair follicles which delays hair growth. Peel off the skin of the fruit and mash till it turns into a pulp. One can add turmeric for enhanced results. Apply the pulp and massage it for 10 minutes before washing it off. One can do this twice a week so that hair growth is lesser.


Pumice stone

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The pumice stone is yet another boon from ancient traditions. The coarse texture of a pumice stone helps naturally remove unwanted body hair the same way it gets rid of dead skin on the soles of our feet. It is the easiest method as one can just take a dry pumice stone and rub it gently on dry skin in a circular motion. This action helps remove fine hair. One can also use a soothing aloe vera gel like the Vaseline Aloe Gel if your skin gets too sensitive during the process.


Eating certain food items

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Did you know that our lifestyle can also affect the growth of our body hair? One can reduce hair growth by lowering androgen levels by eating certain food items. Spearmint tea, lean protein like tofu, whole grains and soy products help while one must avoid processed foods and drinks with high sugar content.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1) How does Vaseline remove unwanted hair?

While Vaseline cannot help remove unwanted hair, it makes for a soothing balm that can be used post-waxing or threading to keep the skin calm and nourished. 

2) Is it possible to permanently remove body hair?

To date, there are no procedures, natural or medical that can completely remove unwanted body hair. While electrolysis is nowadays marketed as a process that is more permanent than laser hair removal, our hair follicles are cheeky little buggers that tend to heal and grow back no matter how many times we try to break them down!

3) How do you stop body hair from growing permanently?

While we cannot stop body hair from growing completely and permanently, we can delay its growth. Many have noticed that waxing and shaving over the years also lead to less body hair in some areas.

4) How do you get rid of body hair without shaving?

There are several alternatives to shaving like waxing, threading, epilating and using hair-removal creams. For easy, pain-free body hair removal methods that are also natural, try out the aforementioned tips.

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