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Amyra Dastur’s hair care and hairstyling secrets

“It’s fun being a girl,” quips our cover star Amyra Dastur while talking about hair. The 27-year old actress, and former model, has already managed to woo a million hearts with her work in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. But this tenacious young actress is more than just a performer; she likes to show her creative chops in other aspects as well. Which is where her hair game deserves a mention. Read on as Amyra gets candid with us about her hair obsession, hair care routine and more…

Amyra caught the hairstyling bug early in life. She confessed, “It was when I was in the 6th grade that for some reason, I wanted really short hair. Unfortunately, I had no idea about styling tools and all that jazz, so the short hairstyle literally just covered my ears (LOL) because my hair was curly. It was definitely not my most attractive year.”

She also attributes her love for hair care and styling to her early modelling career. “I loved having a team to get me ready and I started focusing on how the hairstylists used their tools and sprays to get different textures and add volume to my hair. I learnt about which hairstyles suit different outfits and I began practising at home,” she reveals.

“The (Rajma Chawal movie) hairstyle made me look like a badass, so a lot of people got intimidated, which was fun to watch.”

The at-home practice sessions definitely did her good because she used that confidence to rock one of the edgiest hair looks ever seen on screen in Bollywood. Talking about her half-shaved head from Rajma Chawal, Amyra confesses, “When Leena Yadav auditioned me, she said that I’d have to shave my head and create a cool design on it to help build the character. I saw the reference she showed me and I smiled because I knew this was it, this was the role that would change things.” She also admits that it was a daring move, but she used it to her advantage. “I got stared at a lot, but the hairstyle made me look like a badass, so a lot of people got intimidated, which was fun to watch,” she chuckles.

But, being a working actress who experiments with hair has to take its toll. Fortunately, Amyra has a few tricks up her sleeve to manage that. “Applying egg whites is amazing for hydrating and strengthening the hair. Also, I make sure to carry my own heat protection spray in case the hairstylist doesn’t have it.”

“I make sure to carry my own heat protection spray in case the hairstylist doesn’t have it.”

Her usual hair care routine consists of avoiding hot showers at all costs, use of cold-pressed castor oil for her scalp and coconut oil for the strands twice a week, and trimming every three months to keep split ends at bay. She loves to deep condition her hair once a week and experiments with new brands every other month. A hair hack she swears by is homemade fermented rice water that she uses as a rinse at least twice a week.

Amyra certainly has her hair game on point, but (wait) she has committed a few quarantine hair sins just like the rest of us. “I once didn’t wash my hair for five days in a row! I was also about to cut my hair myself but luckily my salon called and said they were about to reopen, so I was literally saved by the bell. God knows what I would’ve done to myself!”

“I love flaunting beach waves. I braid wet hair at night to wake up to them in the morning!”

Well, her hair journey is definitely one to take inspo from. “I’ve figured it’s okay to have issues with yourself; just keep trying different things if you don’t like what you see. You’ve got the free time now, so experiment. Watch YouTube videos or stalk celebrities that inspire you and see if there’s something you can learn. Yes, you’ll make mistakes but you’ll also find what you like. You’ve just got to try,” she says, signing off.