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Radhika Madan‘s skincare and makeup tips for your 20s

She’s young, gorgeous and an entertaining conversationalist. BeBeautiful’s June 2020 cover star, Radhika Madan is armed with truckloads of talent, a megawatt smile that she's generous with, and the arsenal to conquer Bollywood without a Godfather looking out for her. Currently in Delhi with her family, Bollywood’s blue-eyed girl created the June 2020 cover for us while she was self-quarantining, sans a photographer, makeup man or stylist by her side. And, for that alone, we applaud her. But that's not the only reason.

Hop on as the Punjabi kudi gives us a sneak-peak into her 20s Beauty Bible that reveals her love for natural ingredients in skincare, some good ol' grandma's homemade beauty tips (you might wanna take notes), and more.

While most of us were quarantining with our families and loved ones, Radhika had been self-isolating alone in Mumbai. But the moment restrictions were relaxed and flight services resumed, the actress hopped onto a flight and flew back to her hometown, Delhi. “It’s best to be close to your family at a time like this,” she asserts, adding that she was scared of being alone in Mumbai and was missing her family. "It’s a pandemic, and I wanted to be closer to them.”

“I make my own DIY rose water toner. It’s super refreshing for the skin.”

Noticing that unmistakable glow in her photos, I’m curious about what she’s been doing during lockdown. Not one to indulge in facials and sheet-masks, Radhika went back to using gharelu nuskhe to treat her skin during the period of the lockdown. “I mix besan, milk, saffron and almond, and apply it on my face. The badam granules act as a scrub. I spray on some rose water after that and I’m good to go,” she reveals.

The actress credits her mom and dadi for instilling the love of using natural ingredients for beauty treatments in her since childhood. And a great tip that she picked up from her mom is using onion juice for healthy hair. “It smells really bad,” she warns. “My mom applies it on my hair. It works for a number of hair woes like dandruff, breakage, greying, etc…. All you have to do is mix onion juice with hair oil and apply it on the hair, then wash it off after two hours. It works wonders.”

“The moment I quit dairy and sugar, the breakouts stopped.”

Ask her about the secret to her flawless skin and she’s quick to answer, “It’s important to eat right,” she insists, confessing how binge eating to gain 12 kgs for her role in Patakha wreaked havoc on her skin. “I used to start my day with ice cream shakes and rasgullas, which was amazing but sugar and dairy messes up your whole system. I started suffering from acne,” she points out. The actress reveals that turning to veganism cleared her skin and helped her get rid of the zits. "I tried medicines and different treatments, but the moment I left dairy and sugar, my skin started getting back to how it was. It really helped me.”

If it isn’t evident already, the actress is big on using natural ingredients for clear and healthy skin. She even DIYs her own toner by boiling a few rose petals! When it comes to skincare, Radhika likes to follow a simple, no-nonsense routine for her dry skin. “I wash my face using a mild cleanser, post which I apply a super hydrating moisturiser. You can also apply ghee or coconut oil instead of a moisturiser if you have dry skin,” she says.

“I put a jade roller in the freezer overnight and use it on my face the next morning to deal with puffiness.”

Radhika, like most of us, also suffers from puffiness but she's candid about it. “If I’m under stress or if I’ve worked out a lot the previous night, it shows on my face the next morning.” So how does she deal with it? “I put a jade roller in the freezer overnight and use it on my face the next morning. I also dip my face in a bowl of ice-cold water to get rid of the puffiness.” Take note, ladies!

A piece of beauty advice she would like to give girls in their 20s is that “less is more”. She believes that people are too caught up nowadays, trying to conceal every little flaw. “We’ve been force-fed the concept of perfection. When I had acne during the shooting of Patakha, I used to step out without makeup. I didn’t care. That’s me. What’s happening on the outside won’t change me. If it makes you feel good, then apply makeup. Don’t conceal your flaws just to give in to the idea of perfection," she advises.

Talking about three beauty products that every 20-something should own, the actress emphasises on the need to keep it simple. “Light coverage foundation, a tint that doubles up as a blusher and lipstick and a kajal pencil is all you need," she insists. Ask her about her own beauty indulgences and she bursts into laughter. “I just want to get rid of my makeup as soon as possible,” she giggles, maintaining that she likes going makeup-free to allow her skin to breathe. Well, that explains all those stunning makeup-free selfies she keeps posting on Insta.

“I’ve really wanted to have short hair for the longest time, but... meri kismat mein hi nahi hai.”

Talking about beauty trends that she’s digging at the moment, the actress admits that she’s really into the coloured and graphic eyeliner trend. She admits that she would love to take hair risks, but never chances upon an opportunity. “I’ve really wanted to have short hair for the longest time, but the roles I choose just don’t allow me to have short hair. Meri kismat mein hi nahi hai,” she sighs. “I would love to colour my hair red. Or green. Basically, any colour if I get the chance,” she says hopefully.

And just like the rest of us, Radhika, too, has a list of things she’s looking forward to doing once things get back to normal. “I want to go and hug my friends, watch a movie in the theatre, go back to shoots and be in front of the camera, travel, and also relish a dosa in my favourite South Indian restaurant,” she signs off, making us pine for all those things too.