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Smart, vivacious and feisty are the first words that come to our mind when we speak about BeBeautiful’s May 2020 cover girl. Not only has she been applauded for her stellar performances and choice in niche cinema, but she is also the youngest jury member to represent India on the board of the International Film Festival. If you haven’t already guessed, we are talking about none other than the supremely talented and drop-dead gorgeous, Richa Chadha! With credentials like those, we’re wondering what quarantine looks like for the self-confessed work-o-holic who loves to travel and is usually always on-the-go.

“Honestly? I am a complete hippie at heart and have never been in one place for so long,” she reveals. Well, guess what… for the first time in a long time, Richa’s hitting the refresh button on life and is about to show you how it’s done with BeBeautiful’s Hit Refresh lockdown edition.

Just like the rest of us, Richa misses going out, travelling and doing all the normal things she did before this lockdown. But is being home getting to her? “No, not really,” she says. “Yes, I do miss travelling or just going for a quick run. But I also thoroughly enjoy my solitude, staying home, in a space that I have created for myself. Of course, I do have my bad days, but even then, I refrain from judging myself too harshly. I try and take a break or do anything else that makes me feel better.”

“I thoroughly enjoy my solitude… I do have my bad days, but I refrain from judging myself too harshly.”

The actress confesses that working out every single day and meditating have been two ways she is practising self-care during this lockdown. “Your mind doesn’t really care if the whole world is in lockdown; it can play up insecurities and anxiety. And this is why I begin my day with meditation, and I have observed that it has immensely helped me stay focused.”

Speaking about her quarantine beauty routine, Richa tells us, “I feel like meditation has improved my skin drastically; it helps me destress. Other than that, if I’m being honest, I haven’t brushed my hair in quite a few days (laughs).” Can you relate? We know we definitely can!

“Meditation has improved my skin drastically; it helps me destress. Also, there’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep”

When it comes to beauty tips she personally swears by, Richa’s list is quite basic, yet effective. “Cleanse your face, get enough sleep, have a high protein intake and drink lots and lots of water. This is way more effective than anything that you put on your face.” But she admits that she is a complete desi nuskhe sort of a person. “I simply mix together a few drops of lemon with some besan and honey or rub a papaya peel on my face for that instant glow.” Now we know why her skin looks youthful, radiant and glowing even in lockdown.

Richa also believes that being in quarantine has taught her a thing or two about the importance of switching off, taking a break and hitting refresh every once in a while. “I think it’s really, really important. None of us have been home for so long at a stretch ever before, and I am enjoying it. It has made me realise the importance of time, of the things we take for granted as well as made me take up so many new hobbies such as cooking, learning new dance forms and gardening. Oh, I love taking care of my own plants,” she quips.

“Trust me, taking breaks every now and then is a great way to reduce anxiety and improve productivity.”

She insists that if there is anything to learn from this lockdown it is to be kinder human beings, stop burdening the environment and take frequent breaks. “Trust me, taking breaks every now and then is a great way to reduce anxiety and improve productivity. There needs to be a balance in life. You’ll be able to do everything that is important to you if you simply stopped paying attention to the stuff that doesn’t really matter.” That’s Richa Chadha for you! Relaxed, at peace and fiercely positive.

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