Daisy Shah’s beauty secrets for glowing skin | Be Beautiful Digital Cover | September 2020 | Be Beautiful India
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Daisy Shah's beauty secrets for glowing skin
“No special treatments; and definitely
no cut crease makeup for me!”
Gear up for the festive season with beauty secrets from Daisy’s vanity...

“I have been through my fair share of tomato and banana peel DIY de-tanning body scrubs during my time as a choreographer,” chimes a fresh-faced Daisy Shah! The actor-dancer has since simplified her beauty philosophy to meet her skincare and glam needs. Which is what makes her the perfect cover girl to talk about keeping it ‘minimal’ while chasing that festive glow.

BB: Let’s start with what you do to maintain that stunning glow...

Daisy: Honestly, my routine is very ‘normal’; I don’t use any cleanser or wash in the morning. I just splash my face with water and use a water-based gel moisturiser to really nourish and hydrate my combination skin. I follow it up with a sunblock; it’s an absolute essential for me.

At night, I make sure to remove my makeup with a gentle, pH balancing, non-irritating and mild cleanser. Since I don’t go too heavy with makeup, I don’t need intense cleansing or exfoliating. I switch up the moisturiser for a heavier emollient at night.

As for special treatments, the last skin clean-up I had was four years ago! I believe what you eat is what shows up on your skin. You can experiment with topical solutions, sure, but it is the internal environment that matters.

BB: So does the festive season warrant any change in your skincare routine?

Daisy: My skincare routine has been very constant for as long as I can remember. But I do switch things up during stressful times of the year.

When I feel that my skin has become too dry, I apply rose oil to prevent it from getting worse. My skin also starts to feel flaky and stretched when I’ve been shooting outdoors or spent too many hours in AC hotel rooms. To counter this, I like to moisturise with a very creamy textured product. If I don’t have anything on hand, I’ll just use some baby oil!

But for the most part, I believe skin is skin, you have to take care of skin the right way all year round - and not just during a particular season.

BB: What do you do though to battle skin issues that arise from festive season stress and binge eating?

Daisy: Balance is everything! I am not saying that I am the most healthy eater. I do eat my junk, but I balance it out with healthy eating and portion control.

Being a Gujarati, I do indulge in my fair share of sweets. To counter that, I cut down on carbs and double up on veggies and protein. FYI, carbs already have high glucose content, so I avoid them to balance out my sweet binge.

BB: Talking of the festive season, what is your go-to desi makeup look?

Daisy: I like to see my natural skin through my makeup - even if I have a foundation on! As a matter of fact, if you look at the majority of the looks I have done in the past, it's all very minimal. I don’t even use eyeliner, I just can’t seem to get it right! If I have a professional’s help, I might do it.

BB: So will you be trying any makeup trends for the season?

Of course, I am excited to experiment, as long as it is not too ‘in your face’! I think coloured eyeshadows are big this season. Another trend that I like to follow is monochromatic makeup, where I’d use warm shades of orange, yellow or even red! I also want to try adding a pop of colour with eyeliner.

I do have to say one festive trend I am not looking forward to, and will never try is the cut crease!

BB: Ok, so no cut-creases! But will you break down the ideal go-to lehenga or saree look for an evening event?

Daisy: Let’s start with eyebrows! For me, the brows need to be perfectly filled in and shaped to perfection. Even if I don’t have time to trim them, I use an eyebrow powder or pencil to make them look more shapely and properly aligned.

I make sure to cover up my dark circles as well since I have really bad ones. I stick to a lightweight powder for natural coverage, so that they don’t look too cakey. I would add a little blush on the apples on my cheeks to freshen up my complexion. For my itty-bitty button eyes, I like to add a little gold or silver highlighter in the inner corner of the eye to open them up! I am also a fan of the nude lip to marry everything together.

BB: Any special tips this season since we’re all wearing face masks?

Daisy: I would suggest avoiding layers of foundation to avoid transfer of product on your mask. Use smudge-proof products like liquid tints, bold mascaras, and lip liners to avoid getting them on your mask.

And there you have it; Daisy Shah’s secrets to get your glow on!


Rapid Fire

3 makeup items for a great festive look:
Blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara

Gold, shimmery lids or Vibrant colour

Bold, filled-in brows or Natural, feathered brows
Natural, feathered brows

Full-coverage or Natural base
No makeup, makeup look

Contouring: Yay or Nay?
I was born with high cheekbones. The most I’d do is contour around the hairline and the nose çause it’s kinda small

Beauty essentials that you will never be caught without
Lip balm, hand cream, travel-sized moisturisers

A nude lip or a red lip
Nude lips with bold eyes; red for a ‘barely there’ makeup look

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