6 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest In You

Written by Shreya ContractorSep 20, 2018
6 signs your boyfriend is losing interest in you
You’ve read, watched, talked about and analyzed all the microscopic signs of falling in love. But falling out of love is an equally real thing. More colloquially, we call it losing interest and eventually, moving on. There are no specifics to when it happens, but we can tell you this, it usually happens in the continuous tense. So don’t expect him to randomly wake up one day and call it quits; because he’s been thinking about it for a while now and showing it too—if only you could see these signs…

He prioritizes his friends over you

There’s no talk about the future

The amount of time that he spends with his friends has suddenly escalated and you can’t seem to comprehend why. What started out as a way to maintain a balance between the two, has now entirely become about the best friend, such that it’s now become oddly difficult to get him to make time for you. Sign No. 1 right there!

What you’ll also hear him say—They’re my best friends. They’re priority too.


He isn't as responsive anymore

There’s no talk about the future

The puppy love that you two initially had may have matured, but he may also have grown indifferent towards you. Look for this sign—have his replies gotten delayed, your conversations been put off and/or there is a big unhappy elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about? Well, these are all signs that he’s avoiding more than that elephant—he’s avoiding you.

What you’ll also hear him say—Can we do this some other time? I’ve had a really long day.


He connects emotionally outdoors

There’s no talk about the future

Forming emotional bonds with people other than your S.O. is a real thing. How else do you explain the new friends that you make as adults? He’s doing the same and involuntarily putting you at the the back of his mind. Your gut sends out insecure vibes, you perceive her to be a threat, but he doesn’t get it. He, in fact, gets defensive. Now what can you even say there—he’s already made his choice.

What you’ll also hear him say—But she’s just a friend!


You’re aren’t too intimate anymore

There’s no talk about the future

Intimacy, be it hugging kissing or cuddling, mustn’t be taken for granted. It’s the only thing that you two have that’s exclusive. So if you find him excusing himself out of your attempts at making physical contact or becomes irritable when it comes to something as little as saying I love you, you might want to give it a serious thought as why he’s acting up.

What you’ll also hear him say—You already know it, I don’t have to say it.


He starts closing down on you

There’s no talk about the future

When earlier he’d tell you everything about his day, now, he doesn’t even bother opening up about what’s bothering him. This could either be his way of keeping you, or his feelings of not being into you anymore, at bay. Either way, if you constantly find yourself trying to figure out what’s wrong and literally asking him the same question at least a dozen times, that’s indication enough of things heading south.

What you’ll also hear him say—Can we please not talk about it?


There’s no talk about the future

There’s no talk about the future

Forget the forever promises, your near future plans seem to have stalled too.He’s suddenly too busy for them now. But certainly not for that random new passion he's developed that came from nowhere. Now you could either be naive and pretend to understand or get real and admit it that he may be looking at a future without you in it.

What you’ll also hear him say—Yeah, that’s a long time from now. We’ll see when it happens.

Take your clues there, don't ignore them. There could be things that you were doing too that may have triggered his unresponsiveness. So the sooner you act on them, the better. In any case, don't leave things hanging. Either fix them or move on—because if he could lose interest that easily, he probably just isn't ‘the one’.

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