We've cut down on the number of skincare formulas we massage into our faces by harnessing the power of multitasking products. We’ve also shrunk our routines extensively in a bid to put together a regimen that's pivoted on sustainability, minimalism, and mindfulness. It's safe to say that we're upgrading our approach toward skincare, and crafting a simpler regimen centred around self-care. This is what 'status skin' is all about; a trend that's geared toward a skin-first form of self-care. And this one's supposed to set the tone for our skincare routines in 2022. But what is status skin? Let’s find out.


What Is Status Skin?

What Is Status Skin

Status skin is all about slathering fewer products onto your skin without compromising on the efficacy of your routine. It's about choosing strategic formulas that enhance the health of your skin instead of overwhelming your face with countless products. It's about investing in yourself and pampering your skin thoughtfully.

What it's not about? This approach doesn't require you to splurge to achieve better-looking skin. Neither does it try to perfect, alter, or conceal. It aims at enhancing and pampering. And much of this shift in our attitude toward self-care can be attributed to the pandemic. An event that beckoned us to put ourselves first.

We're investing in skin-loving ingredients that benefit us vastly as evidenced by science. From anti-ageing retinol (enter our favourite Pond's Age Miracle Double Action Serum) and acne-fighting bakuchiol to hydrating hyaluronic acid (enter Simple Booster Serum - 3% Hyaluronic Acid + B5 30ml) and brightening vitamin C (enter Pond’s Bright Beauty Vitamin C Face Serum Infused With Lemon Green Papaya & Pomegranate Extract). We're putting thought into what goes into our routine. A lot of us are interspersing our regimen with gem-infused rollers, gua sha, and other tools. These have turned into skincare staples. Even LED masks, ice-globes, and the Kansa wand are gaining popularity amongst the masses.

And admit it. We've all thought of replicating Cassie's 4 AM beauty routine from Euphoria, haven't we? It's safe to say that we're going to continue prioritising our skin well into 2022.

Image Courtesy: @glamwithdarcey