If you think the hard part about shaving is getting all the hair out successfully in one stroke, then you haven’t been shaving right! The tough part of this entire process actually begins after shaving — when you have to deal with the red, irritated skin! When you repeatedly run your razor over the same area to get rid of all the unwanted hair, your skin tends to become raw.

In order to help you avoid this, we’re going to share some pro tips on how to take care of your skin after shaving. Check them out.


01. Rinse with cold water

Rinse with cold water

Just like how it’s important to use hot water to open up your pores and get a closer shave, it’s equally important to shrink those pores. Not doing so will attract dirt and impurities that can end up clogging the pore. So, after you use warm water to remove leftover shaving foam, rinse the shaved area thoroughly with cold water. This helps close back your pores and keep impurities from clogging them.


02. Moisturise properly

Moisturise properly

Moisturisation is the key to irritation-free skin post-shaving. Your skin tends to get irritated when you shave wrongly or shave the same area repeatedly. To avoid this discomfort and to make sure your skin is hydrated and not dry, apply a soothing moisturiser on the area. A gel-based, lightweight lotion like Vaseline Ice Cool Hydration Lotion will nourish and give an instant cooling effect to your skin, which is just what you need to overcome the post-shaving inflammation.


03. Avoid any alcohol-based products

Avoid any alcohol-based products

Ever experienced the stinging pain after shaving? Not a happy feeling, we know! Using alcohol-based lotions, perfumes, deodorant or other skin products after shaving can cause a burning sensation or irritation in your skin which can take days to heal. That is why it is advised to avoid using such products right after shaving. Now, we can’t imagine stepping out without using a deodorant nor can we risk a burn in our armpits post-shaving, the only way out is to switch to deodorants with 0% alcohol like the Dove Eventone Deodorant For Women. With ¼ moisturising cream, 0% alcohol and no parabens, this deodorant is perfect for your skin post-shaving.


04. Protect skin from the sun damage

Protect skin from the sun damage

Although one should never step out in the sun without slathering your skin with a good sunscreen lotion, it becomes even more important when you shave. Freshly shaven skin is sensitive and direct exposure to the sun can cause serious damage. Choose a sunscreen with high SPF like the Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 Pa+++ Ultra Matte Gel Sunscreen. The gel-based formula will protect your skin from sun damage without leaving it sticky or greasy.


05. Replace your razor regularly

Replace your razor regularly

It is important to regularly replace your razor. Your old razor may still work well but that doesn’t mean you should keep using it. Your razors develop rust over a period of time, so it is important to discard them right away. Also, old razors contain bacteria that can cause infection, skin irritation, warts and folliculitis on your skin as your pores are open while shaving. So, remember to change and clean your razors regularly for a smooth shaving experience.