Hair Length And Necklines—Sherry Shroff Shows Us How To Rock The Pixie Cut With Different Necklines

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Hair length and necklines—Sherry Shroff shows us how to rock the pixie cut with different necklines

Will this neckline look good with my haircut? This is the one question we have all asked ourselves while shopping. To help you solve this very basic problem once and for all, we decided to turn to our influencers and bloggers for some help. For this fun series, we at team BB will Insta-stalk our favourite bloggers with different hair lengths and share with you all the haircut and neck line lessons we picked from them.

The first person to feature is Scherezade Shroff Talwar, more popularly known as Sherry Shroff. Known for her bubbly personality, perfect skin and pixie haircut, she is the perfect choice to kick-off this series with. Here’s all the haircut and neckline inspiration we picked from her page...


Boat neck

Square necklines

We love how gorgeous the pixie cut looks when paired with this boat neck crop top. You can sweep on some highlighter to your colour bones to accentuate them. You can even wear statement hoop earrings to tie your look together.


Halter neck

Square necklines

Sherry breaks a lot of stereotypes about hair lengths with her stylish pixie cut. Her pixie cut provides perfect visibility to the halter neck of her outfit. A pretty lip colour and some statement earrings is all it takes to look stylish.


Off shoulders

Square necklines

The next time someone tells you that a pixie haircut does not look elegant enough, show them this picture of Sherry in this off shoulder dress. The short length of this haircut doesn’t take the spotlight from the dress at all and creates perfect symmetry.


Square necklines

Square necklines

Is there anything else more summer appropriate than a pixie haircut and a square neckline? We think not. Square necklines are best worn with your hair pulled back from your collarbone, and a pixie haircut saves you the hassle of styling your hair to complement a square-necked outfit.

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