Sure, men with thick hair can style their hair in many ways. But when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles for men with fine hair, there are fewer options. But worry not, we’re listing out the many ways to style your hair if you have thin hair...


BB Pro Tip

BB Pro Hairstyle Tip for men

Before we tell you how you can style your hair, we suggest regularly washing your hair with products that make your hair look fuller. A good place to start is by getting your hands on the TIGI Bed Head Charge Up Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Range. Besides leaving your hair nourished, its lightweight texture helps detangle your hair and reduce breakage.



Buzzcut hairstyle for men

A low maintenance haircut, buzzcuts work wonders for men with fine hair because you can barely see the hair in this style. Make sure you keep your stubble with this look to balance things out.


Slick back

Slick back hairstyle for men

All the sexy men do it. So there’s little reason why you shouldn’t! Slick back hair works because the lack of thickness of your hair is hardly visible in this one. Keep the top medium while the sides will be shorter. Use a pomade to set it right.

Image credit: Hairstyleonpoint


Messy at the top

Messy at the top - Hairstyle for men

Trick people into believing that you have thicker hair by keeping it messy at the top. When your hair is collected at the top looking messed up, it gives the impression of being fuller.


French crop

French crop hairstyle for men

Perfect for those with really fine hair, this is a haircut where you keep it tight at the back and sides but you leave the top part looking choppy and textured—something that gives your hair a fuller appearance.

Image credit: All Things Hair



Quiff hairstyle for men

If you wish to create a statement, the Quiff is just what you need. But don’t go too dramatic—just maintain a balance between the back and sides but work towards keeping length on top to make it look thick.