Best Oils For Hair Growth And Shiny, Strong Mane

Written by Karan DalviApr 07, 2020
Best Oils for Hair Growth and Shiny, Strong Mane

Best oil for hair growth

Having shiny and strong hair is something just about every girl aspires to have. Taking good care of your hair, using the best oils for hair growth and nourishing it with the best of nutrients is no easy task. It takes a certain perseverant and diligent effort to maintain your hair in the optimal condition, ensuring proper growth and preventing excessive hair fall. Moreover, a busy schedule, the scorching sun and all the pollution outside only seem to make it all the more difficult. It does make you wish that you’d paid more attention to all those hair care recipes your grandmother told you about in your childhood.

When it comes to hair care, one of the best oils for hair growth is coconut oil. It is perhaps the most widely utilized in the country, yet the knowledge of a few other oils and herbs which have been in use for centuries (some even for millennia) in this subcontinent seems to be fading into oblivion, a treasure trove of hair care recipes collected over the ages. Fortunately, the advent of global consumerism has also caused people to start building bridges back to their roots, creating a brilliant connection between past heritage, the present, and the future hereafter. Although certain herbs and oils, exclusively, might be a little difficult to source, there are a host of hair care products containing them that are readily available to us today. Here’s a list of some of the best oils for hair growth that are known to nourish your hair and even control hair fall.


1. Olive oil

Argan Oil for hair growth


2. Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil for hair growth


3. Coconut Oil

Argan Oil for hair growth


4. Sesame Oil

Argan Oil for hair growth


5. Argan Oil

Argan Oil for hair growth

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