Hair Bun 101: How to choose the right hair bun for your face shape

Written by Anjali AgarwalJan 22, 2019

Be it a clean top knot or a soft messy one, hair buns have evolved as the go-to hairstyle for most girls for literally any occasion! Hair buns not only look good on most people, they are also pretty versatile and work for most occasions.

However, you have to pay attention to what kinda bun works for your face shape. While a low bun can make a round face look plumper, a high bun is less flattering on a long face. But worry not! Here’s a guide to rock the perfect bun for every face...


A round face has fuller cheeks and a round jaw line. It forms a circular frame with equal face length and width. While picking a hair bun, go for a high messy bun with layers to add volume to your hair. It will even out the roundness and make your face look slimmer.


Got high cheekbones and forehead not too wide? If this is your facial structure, you’re a lucky, lucky girl. Oval face can pull off any hairstyle and bun for that matter. Low, high, with bangs, without bangs, every hair bun would compliment your face. So pick what you like the best. 


Square shape faces have equal width of forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Sport a hair bun slightly lower or higher than your jaw line. Also, side swept hair or side bangs would look most flattering with the look as it cuts the edges down.


Heart shaped face has a forehead width longer than the cheeks and face narrowing to the chin, framing the shape to appear like a heart. A mid height bun is your best bet as it will balance angular chin and bring attention to the lower part of face. Tease your hair and tie a bun at the middle of the head with a puffed-up mid parting.


Rectangle shape is similar to square shape in terms of equal temple and jaw line. The only difference is the length of your face. If you have a long face, you need to create an illusion of width. Go for a low bun at the nape or side of your neck. It won’t add height to your face and will make it look more balanced. 


If you’ve got broad cheekbone and similar sized forehead and chin, you are blessed with the rare diamond face shape. Hair swept nicely in a twisted bun would look best as it would show off your wonderful cheekbone structure. You can also work with bangs and side parting to make face look shorter.