Hair-Styling Experts Share 5 Ways To Hold A Bun In Place

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 14, 2016
Hair-styling experts share 5 ways to hold  a bun in place
Whether you wake up in a rush or just can’t make up your mind, you know that you can always turn to a bun hairstyle to make it all better. But if you face a slumping bun that is messy by midday, then what’s the point of it all?! That’s why, we’ve got a few hairstyling tips from the best hair experts to help groom your bun. From this moment on, leave the fate of your bun in hands of these hair hacks and we promise you won’t have a hair out of place!

Comb right

Twist it right

Before combing your hair prior to styling your bun, get out your TIGI Hard Head Hairspray and spritz it all over the bristles of your comb and brush your hair with it before bunning it up. This important step distributes hair spray evenly through the hair. Once your bun is tied, finish off by spraying it with the same TIGI Hard Head Hairspray whose intense hold will make sure your bun stays up all day long.


U-pin it up

Twist it right

The cousin of the conventional bobby pin, the U-pin or hair pin is used to secure hair in place. Therefore, the next time you bun up, slide a U-pin vertically into the base of the bun and twist it sideways slightly so that it sits firmly and keeps the bun in place.


Texturise it

Twist it right

The more textured your hair is, the more firmly your bun will sit. Keeping this in mind, spritz the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray all over your hair prior to styling your bun. Its light hold will make sure your bun sits tight while its matte finish will lend relaxed waves to your hair.


Double it up

Twist it right

Before bunning, get out 2 hair ties for double security. Start by tying your hair in a firm ponytail with one hair tie. Then twist the hair length around the base and use the second hair tie to secure it in place. Double up on the hair tie as this will do the trick to keep both parts of your hairstyle in place.


Twist it right

Twist it right

If you have fine, straight hair, your bun is more likely to fall out by the middle of the day. Change this by twisting or braiding the length of your hair and then tying it in a bun. Not only will this add a new dimension to your plain ol’ bun, the texture of the braided bun will maintain the tightness of the bun well.

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