Goodbye Flakes, Hello Glossy Dandruff-Free Hair

Written by Lopa KJun 27, 2024
Goodbye Flakes, Hello Glossy Dandruff-Free Hair

Whether it is summer or monsoon, one persistent annoyance we can't get away from are the pesky little snowflakes on our heads - dandruff. We could all do without that constant itch that we just cannot scratch away. And let’s not talk about those flakes that pepper our shoulders, especially while wearing that cute LBD on a big night out. So, how can you remove dandruff and make sure that nature’s little confetti doesn’t make a comeback? Well, there are a selection of great solutions from dandruff treatment techniques to natural remedies that can help you get glossy, flake-free hair.  

BTW did you know that a clarifying haircare routine is the best way to thoroughly cleanse your scalp of dandruff as well as buildup?

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Everything You Need to Know About Dandruff, Whether You Want to or Not 

So, what is dandruff? You know those unwanted snowflakes on your scalp that sometimes reach down your hair strands, pepper the sleeves of your top and also make an unwelcome appearance on your pillow?   

That is dandruff – a mix of dead skin cells, buildup, yeast and sebum. They can wreak havoc when your scalp is super dry which leads to the shedding of the skin or they can also grow in an oily and greasy environment, which means you have to make sure the pH levels of your scalp are just right.  

And sure, it doesn’t cause any harm on its own but it does happen to be a symptom of other hair concerns. In fact, Mumbai-based trichologist Dr. Rekha Yadav reveals that “dandruff can also be associated with seborrhoeic dermatitis or male or female pattern thinning.” 

Did you know that dandruff causes can also include stress, harsh haircare products and anything that can take a toll on your scalp? So, sometimes the most effective dandruff solutions are to switch up your lifestyle and come up with a good daily hair care routine.   

5 Tips for a Happy Scalp Day that Can Help You Deal With Dandruff 

Here are 5 handy scalp care tips that can help you decide on what solutions will work for you and how to remove dandruff quickly.   

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1. One of the best scalp care tips is to embrace natural remedies like using hair masks made with anti-dandruff ingredients such as tea tree oil.   

2. Stressbusters like meditation or even walking can maintain your hormone levels and ensure that your inner peace is reflected in on outer hair glow.  

3. Haircare products with harsh chemicals or ingredients that don’t work with you can irritate your scalp. Include mild products in your daily anti-dandruff routine and make sure your scalp stays happy.  

4. If you have dandruff due to oily hair, shampoo your hair every two to three days. But if it is due to a dry scalp, don’t overdo the washing. Listening to what your hair needs is one of the best ways how to remove dandruff.     

5. Oiling your hair is yet another way to remove dandruff at home. Yep, it may seem counterproductive, but if your scalp is healthy, you have less chance of getting a scalp infection, fungus or shedding. The oil nourishes your scalp and betters scalp health. But do shampoo it off after an hour or so.  

The Latest Trends in Anti-Dandruff Products 

You must have heard that anti-dandruff shampoos can be super drying and can make your hair frizzy. Or a dandruff serum may be too strong for you. Well, don’t fret as we have come up with some of the top-rated dandruff solutions that include the safest and the best anti-dandruff products.  

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1. Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo & Conditioner 

When it comes to effective dandruff treatments, get your hands on the Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo & Conditioner. Dr. Ram Tainwala, a dermatologist and trichologist, recommends, “The treatment of dandruff includes regular cleansing of the scalp with an antidandruff shampoo containing antifungal medications.” Well, this Dove range uses a high-tech formula that is gentle on your hair and doesn’t turn it dry. What it does is tackle dandruff from the very first wash. So, get moisturised, smooth, clean, and most importantly, dandruff-free locks with this duo.  

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2. Indulekha Svetakutaja (Dandruff Treatment) Oil & Shampoo 

If you like Ayurvedic solutions, turn to the Indulekha Svetakutaja (Dandruff Treatment) Oil & Shampoo. The oil is completely free of chemicals and only uses anti-dandruff ingredients such as pudina, amla and neem to clear out all those flakes. You can wash off the oil with its shampoo counterpart which uses a similar formula and happens to be free of harsh chemicals like parabens and artificial fragrance.  

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3. Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree & Vetiver Scalp Refresh range 

Another organic option that you will love is the Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree & Vetiver Scalp Refresh range. It includes a shampoo, conditioner, serum and scalp scrub which are designed with natural tea tree oil and other antibacterial ingredients like rosemary, vetiver and peppermint. This range soothes the itchiness while working on getting rid of dandruff. And no, it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals either so it’s perfect for your soft girl routine.  

Yep, there are now scalp serums for those who don't have time to oil their hair!

Home Remedies that Work to Banish Dandruff   

An effective way to treat dandruff is to take a holistic approach. Along with the usual scalp care tips, if you include natural remedies and the best anti-dandruff products, you are more likely to soothe your scalp and manage the problem, quickly.  

1. Apple Cider Vinegar rinse  

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective dandruff treatments out there.  ACV restores the scalp's pH balance (inhibiting the growth of yeast) and works as a natural hair clarifier by cleaning clogged pores and hair follicles.  

Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix an equal amount of water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil in it. Apply it to your scalp and massage. Rinse your hair after a few minutes. Follow this natural treatment two or three times a week to see it work its magic.  

2. Baking Soda Paste 

Being a mild exfoliant, baking soda helps remove dead skin cells and absorbs excess oil. This reduces the growth of fungi which cause dandruff. So, how do you remove dandruff from hair using baking soda?  

Wet your hair and rub a handful of baking soda powder onto your scalp. After a few minutes, rinse your hair well with warm water. Remember - do not shampoo your hair after this treatment. Repeat once or twice a week for a few weeks and you’re sure to see a difference.

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3. Olive Oil massage 

One of the main reasons for dandruff is scalp dryness. This can be cured with regular use of extra-virgin olive oil, which is a great and super effective natural moisturiser.  

Heat some extra virgin olive oil until it is slightly warm. Then massage it onto your scalp and wrap your hair in a warm towel. Leave it on for at least 45 minutes and then shampoo and condition your hair. This is one of the easiest scalp care tips that you can repeat a few times a week to get rid of dandruff.  

FAQs about How to Remove Dandruff   

Q1. Is coconut oil good for dandruff?  

Yep, it’s true. While dandruff thrives in greasy hair, that doesn’t mean you should avoid oiling your hair completely. As mentioned above, dandruff can recur thanks to a dry and flaky scalp which can easily be treated with coconut oil. All you need to do is shampoo it off after your scalp absorbs all its goodness.   

Q2. How does neem help hair?  

Neem is a super popular natural remedy for all your hair concerns including dandruff. That’s because it is antifungal and antibacterial in nature which equips it to thoroughly clean and detox the scalp. Look out for neem oil or water to use on hair before washing off.  

Q3. When should I go to a doctor for dandruff?    

The above home remedies and preventions for dandruff should offer relief from the problem. But if dandruff remains persistent or gets worse, it's time to visit a dermatologist. Especially, if your scalp is constantly itchy, inflamed or red.  

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