Post Hair Wash Tips And Tricks: Top 5

Written by Lopa KMar 31, 2023
Post Hair Wash Tips and Tricks: Top 5

Tired of your hair still not behaving after an extensive deep cleanse and hair wash day? Well, you just may need some hair care tips after washing your hair to make it look like the mane from your dreams. While some people are blessed with a good hair day all day every day, some of us need a little extra help with the maintenance of our locks. But fret not, as we have amassed just the easiest and most effective hair care tips for a post-hair wash routine just for you!

Post Hair Wash Tips and Tricks: The Basics

Is your hair turning frizzy despite using oodles of conditioner? Or do you dread drying your hair as clumps of hair pepper your towel? Well, an unruly look even after a good hair wash may have something to do with your post-hair wash methods. If you think just shampooing and conditioning your hair is enough, we hate to break it to you, but it is not. But there are several simple hair care tips and tricks from using a hair serum to air drying your hair, that give you smooth, clean and frizz-free hair. Well, let’s take a look...

Top 5 Tips for Post Hair Wash Maintenance

1. Use a cotton tee or microfibre towel

Surprised that we’re actually telling you to dry your hair using a T-shirt instead of a towel? That’s because a towel can rough up your hair shaft and cause considerable damage to your tresses. This can worsen split ends and cause your tresses to become weak. So it’s best to use an old but clean cotton tee or a microfibre towel to dry your hair. This won’t harm your hair shaft and will help in keeping the moisture in your hair intact in case you’ve been suffering from dry hair.


2. Use a hair serum

Hair serum helps you get rid of frizz and fights humidity along with making your hair smooth and soft—a must for your hair once you’ve had a hair wash. If you’re looking for the perfect serum, try the TRESemmé Gloss Ultimate Hair Serum. It instantly adds shine and tames flyaways to give your hair a salon-like finish. Polished and glossy, your hair will also get the best of coconut oil, macadamia oil and sunflower seed oil for nourishment -- just what you need after a hair wash.

3. Don’t use heat-styling tools

We’ve said this before and we’re saying it again—heat styling is not the most ideal thing for your hair. Yes, there will be days when heat styling will be your easy solution but don’t make this a habit. When you blow dry your hair every post-hair wash, the heat robs your hair of moisture making your hair dry and brittle. Plus, you should know that wet hair is already sensitive and has a higher chance of breakage. So make sure you steer clear of blow drying after a hair wash.


4. Don’t tie your hair

As we said earlier, wet hair is fragile and tying it up will only cause hair breakage. Worse, when you use an elastic to tie your hair up after a hair wash, it only leads to further split ends. Besides, tying your hair makes your scalp itchy and there’s a possibility of dandruff too. If that’s not enough, the dent that shows up where you’ve positioned the hair tie is the worst. So, make sure you wait for your hair to dry and then tie it up.

5. Don’t comb your hair

Combing wet hair is a complete no-no. Simply because using anything on wet hair will only aggravate hair fall and hair breakage problems. Wait for it to dry just a wee bit and then go in with a wide-tooth comb if you must. But here’s the tricky part, if you have curly hair, then this hair care tip is not exactly for you. Wet hair is the best time to brush your curls as they are more breakable when dry. But of course, you have to be gentle and avoid pulling at the knots.

Top Tricks to Try Post Hair Wash

1. Use your fingers to detangle

Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, this hair care tip is for you! It happens to the best of us—we forget conditioning and then we’re just left with knots in our hair. But what do we do when we can’t use something as rough as a comb yet want to get rid of the knots? Just use your fingers! Use ‘em to detangle any knots in your hair but make sure you aren’t too rough while doing so.


2. Evenly apply the serum

A hair serum after washing your hair on regular days is the perfect way to end your routine but you need to apply it correctly lest it gets greasy and limp. First of all, applying a good serum like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum that helps keep frizz in check. The argan and camellia oil in this serum makes detangling your tresses a breeze while also boosting shine and adding vibrancy to your hair. Take a few drops and apply from mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Be sure to avoid your scalp. Then take a wide-toothed comb or use your fingers to evenly spread it.

3. Don’t wrap your hair in a towel

Wrapping your hair in a towel is not usually recommended. It makes the hair frizzy and can damage the cuticles. Instead, wrap it in an old, soft cotton tee if you must. Otherwise, just leaving your hair open since air drying is the best option.


4. Use heat protection

While we are all for naturally air-dried hair, there is no denying that blow drying is a quicker way to get the job done when we are in a hurry and makes our hair look salon-styled too. But this good hair day should not come at the cost of damaging your hair, so we suggest using heat protection spray every time you use a heat styling tool. Just spritz it on your hair, blow dry them and you are good to go!

5. Don’t step out before your hair is fully dry

Make sure you dry your hair completely before going out. Wet hair tends to get frizzy and damaged when exposed to pollutants and dirt. Use a scarf to cover it if you don’t have time to dry it out completely and need to head out with wet hair.


FAQs about Post Hair Wash Tips and Tricks 

Q1. What is a post-wash hair routine?

Like any beauty regime, we need a haircare routine after a hair wash to get the best out of it. It is more than just washing your hair. The post-hair wash routine enhances the best features of your hair, keeps it from getting frizzy or too drying and prevents breakage.

Q2. What to apply after a hair wash?

After a hair wash, to style your hair, leave it smooth or calm the frizz, you can apply a smoothening serum. It also helps in untangling the knots and seals the moisture so that your hair doesn’t get too dry.

Q3. Can I put oil after a hair wash?

Definitely yes! Both oiling your hair before or after a hair wash nourishes the strands. Your hair also tends to become dehydrated after a hair wash so a lightweight oil like argan oil is perfect for bringing back the shine and moisture to your hair.

And so if you have been looking for a routine after a hair wash, we’ve got you. With these easy hair care tips and tricks never again be unhappy with your locks after washing your hair.

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