Are you bored at home with nothing much to do? How about you take this opportunity to pamper your damaged tresses. Since you’re spending more time indoors than you ever have, your hair is less exposed to harmful environmental aggressors and because you have nowhere to be, you aren’t using your heat-styling tools as often too. Now is the perfect time to show your damaged tresses some TLC and make them strong and healthy.

In this article, we’re going to take you through some hair care ingredients known to repair damaged hair. These ingredients are easily accessible, which means you do not have to go out of your way to secure them. They are also highly effective, offer quick results in a short span of time and are easy to use too. Scroll down for a list of five hair care ingredients that can help repair damaged hair this lockdown.


01. Glycerin


Glycerin’s humectant properties are well known in the skincare community, but it can be equally beneficial for hair as well. Glycerin can help treat damage in frizzy and coarse hair types that lack hydration and are prone to breakage. It can also fix dry scalp issues by deeply conditioning it and giving it a boost of moisture to stay healthy and repair itself faster.

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02. Peptides


Scalp serums are an excellent way to treat dehydrated hair, especially if they are loaded with peptides. Peptides are smaller, more absorbent versions of protein that help maintain long-term scalp health and boost hair growth with regular use. They can also help strengthen your scalp against daily damage like combing and styling. So investing in one should be a no-brainer!


03. Keratin


Keratin is a protein that your hair itself is made of. When applied externally, it can help repair cuticle damage in your hair caused by broken bonds. It also eliminates frizz and gives your mane a salon-worthy glossy finish.

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04. Avocado


If you are looking to pamper your hair at home using easily available ingredients, we can suggest the most effective one — avocado! Rich in vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, avocados can help repair damage caused by free radical exposure. When combined with other ingredients like yoghurt and honey, avocados can infuse your hair with essential nutrients to make it strong and healthy.


05. Lactic acid

Lactic acid

Found in several hair products for naturally curly hair, lactic acid has been known to smoothen out the hair. This popular AHA can help fix broken keratin chains in damaged hair. It also deeply moisturises dull and dry hair to give you a healthy and manageable mane.

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