5 Tips You Can Follow Right Now To Prevent Dry And Frizzy Hair In Winter

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
5 tips you can follow right now to prevent dry and frizzy hair in winter

Hey, you. Yes, you. Come closer

. Winter is almost here! We have to act quickly or our dreaded nightmare will turn into an everyday reality. The lack of humidity in the air saps the moisture from your tresses, leaving them dull, dry and frizzy. To help you avoid this dilemma, we have put together some useful tips that will help you prevent dry and frizzy hair in winter. No more stalling, let’s begin…


01. Avoid using heat styling tools

Ditch the hot showers

Reaching out for our blow-dryers after we’ve washed our hair is almost a reflex. The reality though is that any application of heat draws moisture out of our hair, and increases breakage. Switch to air-drying instead. And, oh, swear off of that straightener and curler. Your hair is already at its weakest during the winters and heat styling tools only worsen your hair woes by making it drier, and frizzier.


02,. Commit to weekly hair mask sessions

Ditch the hot showers

Hair masks are loaded with nourishing agents that strengthen your hair and enhance the health of your scalp. They’re particularly effective for dry, damaged, and frizzy hair — and it’s a no-brainer that your hair is drier and frizzier during winters. Moisturisation is key! We’ve picked the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask as our hair care sidekick. Why not opt for a product that tames your frizz, detangles your hair delicately, and tames flyaways while softening your tresses? Once a week, swap out your everyday conditioner for this mask.


03. Don’t step out with wet hair

Ditch the hot showers

When your hair is wet, it’s much more prone to breakage and other damage. Why, you ask? It’s a pretty simple logic actually: the cold temperature causes water molecules in the hair to swell, thus making it more likely for the hair to break. If you have to step out urgently, blow-drying is a better alternative. Just spritz on some hair spray before going in with a hairdryer to keep your tresses protected from heat damage.


04. Invest in an anti-hair fall shampoo

Ditch the hot showers

Don’t go overboard with washing your hair, or you’ll strip off the natural oils from the scalp that maintain its moisture. Space out your washes starting now. And invest in a shampoo that strengthens your hair, and nourishes your scalp. This prepares your skin for the winters and prevents seasonal breakage. The Love, Beauty & Planet Onion, Blackseed & Patchouli Sulfate Free Shampoo fits the bill pretty well. Infused with natural onion bulb oil - which prevents hair fall - and pure blackseed oil - which strengthens the hair - the shampoo is endowed with the sweet fragrance of patchouli. If this doesn’t convince you, LBP is a cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly brand that doesn’t use harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens, or fragrances in its products. It’s time to make a sustainable decision!


05. Ditch the hot showers

Ditch the hot showers

Yes, scalding hot showers are comforting, we know. Stop caving though. Hot water strips your scalp of moisture, making it brittle and weak. So avoid them at all costs. Stick to showering with lukewarm water. But, if you are tempted to take a hot water shower, make sure it’s not longer than 10 minutes.

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