Hold Up — Is Brushing Your Hair When It's Wet A Bad Thing? We Investigate

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Hold up — is brushing your hair when it's wet a bad thing? We investigate

We’ve all been taught how to brush our hair from a very young age. While there are no hard and fast rules, the general idea is to brush your mane a hundred times, twice a day to avoid knots, and also to brush your hair after showering. What these rules didn't include, however, was an explanation on whether you should brush your hair when it's wet or not. And with recent chatter debating whether it's okay to brush your hair when wet, and most people on team 'nope', we must ask — is brushing your hair when it's wet a bad thing?

While there's no clear definitive answer that will put your mind at ease, the general consensus seems to be that brushing wet hair isn't exactly a good idea. Here’s why…


Increased breakage

Use a wide-tooth comb

This one's actually true! Your hair is at its weakest and most vulnerable when it's wet (yes, we get it, you used the conditioner, the shampoo, the works, but still) and each time you brush your wet hair, you're making it more susceptible to breakage. What makes this worse compared to regular breakage is the fact that this can cause your hair to be pulled away from the roots, and you could be looking at some serious permanent hair damage if you're not careful.



Use a wide-tooth comb

While this one's avoidable, we felt it necessary to include this little PSA anyway: brushing your hair when it's wet can lead to frizzy hair once it's dried up. This is especially true for women who have curly hair since they feel like brushing wet hair doesn't hold up the integrity of the curl, and can cause it to frizz up more easily.


Brush beforehand

Use a wide-tooth comb

Especially for women with curly hair! Brushing beforehand can help remove the dirt and oil on the scalp properly since it manages to keep the cuticles of the hair settled while still ensuring all the dirt and grime is removed. After you've washed your hair too, your hair will mostly be detangled — and we think this is a total win!


Use a conditioner properly to detangle

Use a wide-tooth comb

The point of brushing your hair is to have tangle-free hair, right? Well, the right way to attain tangle-free hair means putting in a little work in the shower too! Use the Tresemme Thick & Full Conditioner to properly detangle your hair in the shower. The conditioner, full of biotin and wheat protein, will give you voluminous locks and help prevent hair breakage. Use your fingers to detangle your hair in the shower to ensure you don't need any immediate post-shower brushing.


Brush when it's almost dry

Use a wide-tooth comb

The best time to brush is when your hair is almost or completely dry. This will have given the hair enough time to gain its strength back and will ensure that the hair damage is much lesser than it would be if your tresses were still wet.


Use a wide-tooth comb

Use a wide-tooth comb

Most of us use brushes with little balls at the end of each bristle. And while it may have seemed like the right choice at the time, it's important to note that since these balls aren't attached to the ends of the brush itself, the hair can get wrapped around the ball, get stuck, and tear much more harshly. Stick to wide-toothed combs or high-quality brushes when you brush your hair to prevent breakage.

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