The struggle with frizzy hair is real. As someone who has always battled hair that could give a lion a run for his money, I am very well aware of how rare it is for good hair days to come by. Most women will agree to the fact that frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hair can sometimes hurt more than a breakup.

To help with this issue, I am constantly on the lookout for various treatments, natural as well as chemical, to help me find some respite from this everyday hassle. From carefully choosing anti-frizz shampoos, to slathering more conditioner than my hair needs, believe me, I have done it all.

This was until my mother asked me to try using fresh aloe vera gel on my scalp. This little trick is completely natural, inexpensive and comes with a plethora of other hair benefits. From hair that used to resemble a lion’s mane to now looking manageable and healthy, read on to find out how using fresh aloe vera gel completely changed my hair game.

fresh aloe vera gel teat frizzy hair

I finally kissed my crazy, frizzy mane goodbye

That aloe vera is widely used in both skin and hair products, was something I already knew. But when I started applying the gel to my strands, I noticed that my hair felt extremely soft and silky. The dehydrated ends seemed to completely disappear and my hair felt a lot more manageable without using any form of heat. Additionally, this little trick gave my hair a lot of movement and volume, minus the frizz.

Aloe gel has replaced my hair serum

Aloe vera gel has replaced all the anti-frizz hair serums that at one point I used to hoard. Even after two days of washing my hair, the scalp does not feel greasy and the ends look healthy and nourished.

There is lesser hair fall

Earlier, the dehydrated and frizzy state of my hair would lead to a lot of hair fall. But since I started using fresh aloe gel on my strands, my hair loss has reduced quite significantly, making my hair appear a lot fuller and healthier!

fresh aloe vera gel teat frizzy hair

Here’s how I use it

Step 01: Each time after a hair wash, I scoop out a little bit of pure aloe vera gel directly from the leaf (yup, I have got a plant at home). You can use a packaged one if you prefer; just ensure that it is an organic product.

Step 02: After towel drying my hair and while it is still wet, I apply a little bit (about two teaspoons, but it also depends on the length and thickness of your hair) of the gel all over my scalp and ends. I was worried about my scalp feeling greasy, but believe me it feels nothing of the sort. There is no smell, no oiliness and no frizz. This is pure gold!

Step 03: I then simply let my hair air dry and brush it out after it is completely dry.