A dandruff attack is every girl’s worst nightmare! Imagine sitting across your date with white flakes all over your LBD. Eww, who wants that kind of negativity in their life?!

So, what exactly causes dandruff, you ask? You could probably blame an oily scalp for being the breeding ground for dandruff. Greasiness tends to blend with malassezia, a yeast found on your scalp, and this is where it all begins! At other times, dryness, a sensitive scalp or use of the wrong hair care products can also be the reason for a sudden occurrence of dandruff in your hair.

If dandruff has been your biggest hair concern, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a hair care routine especially formulated for you. Follow it religiously for effective results.

hair care routine to get rid of dandruff

Step 1: Overnight care

Just how a night-time skincare routine helps your skin repair itself overnight, a good hair care routine works its magic on your hair during this time too. If dandruff is your main concern, then oiling is the first and most important step of your hair care regimen. Pampering your mane with essential oils such as tea tree, jojoba or extra-virgin coconut oil will not only control dandruff, but also reduce scalp itching and leave you with nourished tresses. Oil your hair the night before your wash day. Allow the oil to penetrate the scalp overnight.

Try the Clear Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Hair Oil Active Care which is light, non-sticky, fights dandruff effectively and provides nourishment to hair and scalp. And, the best part about this hair oil is that it can be used both pre and post wash.

hair care routine to get rid of dandruff

Step 2: Shampoo

A clean scalp is the answer to your dandruff woes. If you have a dandruff-prone scalp, then exposure to dust, pollution and other impurities can further cause scalp itching and irritation. Therefore, washing your hair at least thrice a week with a shampoo infused with all the right anti-dandruff ingredients can do the trick for you. We suggest you get your hands on the Pure Derm Dandruff Protect Shampo​o which purifies the scalp and pores from dirt, grease and impurities, and nourishes hair, making it soft and easy to manage.

hair care routine to get rid of dandruff

Step 3: Condition

Your hair wash is incomplete without a conditioner. Skipping conditioner can strip your hair of moisture and leave your strands dry and lifeless. Always follow up shampooing with conditioner. Apply the conditioner from mid-length of the hair to the ends. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

hair care routine to get rid of dandruff

Step 4: Deep condition once a week

Excess oil and over-dryness are both causes of dandruff in your hair. Dryness leads to the formation of white flakes, leaving you embarrassed on most occasions. To banish dandruff woes completely, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to give your scalp the nourishment it needs. You can use the Toni&Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask, which won’t weigh your hair down and leave you with soft, healthy and smooth locks.

hair care routine to get rid of dandruff

Step 5: Daily protection

Eliminating dandruff is no easy feat and cannot possibly be done overnight. It’s important to protect your hair daily from external environmental factors because your hair is exposed to the sun, dust, pollution and other impurities on a regular basis. The best way to prevent the harsh pollutants from running your hair game is to cover your head with a scarf all-year round. You don’t always have to wear the scarf in a regular, boring manner. Try new ways that can help you look fashionable while you protect your hair from environmental hazards.