5 Ways To Keep Oily Hair And Itchy Scalp At Bay This Summer

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
5 ways to keep oily hair and itchy scalp at bay this summer

Struggling to achieve voluminous locks during summers? Battling to keep your hair shiny and bouncy for longer? Worried about what the humidity will do to your tresses? Well, if you’re experiencing excessive oiliness in the humid weather, you’re not alone.

Sweating is not the only cause for oily hair. Did you know? Overactive sebaceous glands also tend to make your hair look greasy in the hot and humid months. However, oily hair and scalp is completely normal. Everyone produces sebum, an essential way in which the body keeps your hair and scalp moisturised all the times. But, not everyone produces the same amount of sebum, especially in summers; some people may experience excessive oiliness in their hair than others. Here’s how you can turn limp to lively…


Don’t let the conditioner touch your scalp

A deep hair and scalp treatment will work wonders

Conditioners are great to moisturise your locks. It’s ideal to use a conditioner each time you shampoo your hair. However, letting the conditioner touch your scalp is a strict no-no. This can make oily hair worse. Work the conditioner on your mid-lengths through to your ends.


The baby powder hack

A deep hair and scalp treatment will work wonders

If you’re out in the sun all day and feel that your hair is becoming too greasy, simply sprinkle some baby powder on your roots for a quick fix. Rub it in and shake off any excess, especially if you have dark hair. This hack will make your hair feel less greasy instantly.


Go easy with brushing

A deep hair and scalp treatment will work wonders

You need to find a middle path when it comes to brushing your hair. Overdoing it can stimulate oil production, whereas, not brushing enough keeps natural oils from being distributed to your strands, thereby leaving you with a greasy scalp and dry mane.


Keep your straightener at bay

A deep hair and scalp treatment will work wonders

Straightening your hair in the humid months is not the best option. If you want to give your hair some bounce, try curling them or leave them in their natural state with a leave-in serum.


A deep hair and scalp treatment will work wonders

A deep hair and scalp treatment will work wonders

Greasy hair can lead to dandruff. This happens because your sebaceous gland thinks your scalp is dry due to the humid weather so it over-produces oil. The excessive oil build-up, yeast and dead skin can cause dandruff in your hair. To balance that, your tresses need to be pampered every once in a while. How, you ask? Lakmé Salon offers hair care services for every hair concern. For rejuvenated and dandruff-free mane, get your appointment booked rn!

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