5 Signs You Have A Greasy Scalp — And How To Deal With It

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 signs you have a greasy scalp — and how to deal with it

Out of all the hair woes in the world, having a greasy scalp is probably the most annoying one out there. While most products aim to hydrate and nourish your hair, you're hunting for solutions that can take care of the excessive oil production on your scalp. Caused by your sebaceous gland overproducing the oil needed to keep your scalp moisturised, having a greasy scalp is no fun. And sometimes, you might not even be able to point out the signs that you have a greasy scalp — that is, of course, until your hair looks so dirty and greasy that you're considering chopping it all off. Luckily, it doesn't need to come to that.

We’re listing down five signs that indicate you have a greasy scalp. So keep your eyes peeled for something that sounds even remotely familiar!


01. Your hair looks flat post-wash day

How to deal with it

If you dread hair wash days and think that washing your hair is a pointless exercise because your hair's going to look flat in a day anyway, you probably have a greasy scalp. Having excessive oil in your scalp means that your hair will be weighed down by the grease and look flat — and no, an emergency blow dry won't fix that.


02. Your bangs are matted up

How to deal with it

Let's be real — at this point, we all have a version of bangs, whether it's full-frontal fringes or curtain bangs. But if you've got a greasy scalp, chances are that your bangs stand out for all the wrong reasons. They may end up looking matted, greasy and might end up sticking to your forehead instead of flowing naturally, thanks to the excessive sebum production. So much for face-framing gorgeousness!


03. Your hair looks slick and shiny, but not in a good way

How to deal with it

We all strive for shiny, luscious locks, but if your hair is slick and shiny, in other words, it looks oily even if you haven’t touched hair oil in months, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but you have a greasy scalp. No, it doesn't make a difference that your ends tell a different story and are drier than the Sahara desert. Since oil production happens on the scalp where the hair follicles are, your tresses will look slick and shiny, especially on the top of your head, for all the wrong reasons.


04. Your scalp is unusually itchy

How to deal with it

Did you know that unusual itchiness and dandruff doesn't always point to dryness? In fact, most people who experience itchy scalps and dandruff suffer from an oily scalp. So, if you're under the illusion that your itchiness is caused by dryness, and you use products for that, you may actually be making your oily scalp situation worse.


How to deal with it

How to deal with it

Okay, so you're certain that you have an oily scalp by this point. What can be done? Is this it for your hair? Luckily, no. A few products for oily scalps exist, which can take care of the excessive sebum production and de-grease your hair while restoring its natural shine and bounce. Our current fave? The Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Clarifying Shampoo! The clean beauty staple is free of all silicones and parabens that would likely weigh your hair down and contribute to the problem. Not only that, it contains the goodness of tea tree oil to thoroughly cleanse your hair of all the grease while refreshing and volumising your mane as well. Plus, the earthy scent of vetiver will soothe your senses. We call this one a total win for reviving and restoring hair health!

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