Trendy Short Haircuts For Women: 10 Best In 2022 

Written by Lopa KOct 20, 2022
Trendy Short Haircuts for Women: 10 Best in 2022 

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Short haircuts for girls come in many shapes and forms. A popular hair trend that never goes out of style, short haircuts are often favoured over their longer counterparts when a big makeover is concerned. A carefully crafted haircut will transform your look, with some hairstylists using its face-framing benefits to enhance your features. And if you have finally decided to take the plunge into the world of short haircuts, we are here to help out! But first, make sure you have considered the pros and cons of going short. 


Trendy short haircuts: the basics

FAQs about short haircuts

If you are wondering where to start when getting short haircuts for girls, all you need to know is that it is easy to maintain and quick to style. But to get the perfect look that you won’t regret after you leave the hair salon, be sure to prep. Before your haircut appointment, wash your hair well with the Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil and Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. A fresh and clean slate equals a happy haircut. It also makes sure that your hair is not dry or frizzy. The argan oil in this shampoo-conditioner combo even locks in moisture while the handpicked lavender fragrance completes the experience.  


10 Best trendy short haircuts

FAQs about short haircuts

Short shag haircut

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A shag haircut is a lob (long bob) with bangs. The modern version of this short haircut for girls is a more textured cut and draws inspiration from the mullet. It is in vogue because of its tricky styling and uber-edgy look. Being a heavily layered haircut, the modern shag can add texture to any hair type - especially thin or fine hair. It is a good option if your goal is a 'wilder' hairdo that maintains the integrity of the natural hair by avoiding unnecessary teases or snips. 


Chin-length bob haircut

FAQs about short haircuts

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A chin-length bob is a version of the classic bob haircut that ends near the chin (sometimes near the mid-neck). This cut gained popularity for being low maintenance and flattering on almost all face shapes. The uniform length of these bobs looks totally stunning on narrow face shapes. It widens the appearance of your jawline and balances out a long chin. 


Pixie cut

FAQs about short haircuts

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A feminine version of the crop, the pixie cut is short at the back and sides, with slightly longer lengths at the front. Popularised by old Hollywood starlets, contemporary pixie cuts can add baby bangs in the front to frame the face better. If you are looking for a dramatic makeover, but want it to remain low maintenance, you can opt for a pixie cut.  


French bob haircut

FAQs about short haircuts

Image courtesy: @fercstorres

The French bob haircut is a distinctive style which ends between the ear and just above the shoulders. When paired with blunt bangs, it works as an excellent face-framing haircut for anyone looking for a chic look. It looks stunning on round faces and wispy hair texture. The haircut is also a good way to camouflage large foreheads. 


Wedge haircut

FAQs about short haircuts

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The retro wedge haircut is a voluminous dream for anyone looking to add more body to their mane. The wedge consists of gradually stacked layers and a tapered back. It is most suited for fine and straight hair. If you are looking to seamlessly boost the density of your mane without weighing it down, the wedge is the way to go. 


Short layered cut

FAQs about short haircuts

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Short layered cuts are achieved by going chop-chop in varying lengths to create the illusion of dense texture and dimension. It is basically the shorter version of longer layers. It suits all face shapes and hair textures. It also happens to be one of the easiest haircuts for hair stylists to create. So if you are looking for a cut that has fewer chances of going wrong, this is your best bet. 


Choppy bob haircut

FAQs about short haircuts

Image courtesy: @anhcotran

The choppy bob haircut is a contemporary style achieved with multiple short layers. It is versatile in the sense that hair stylists can experiment with angled, graduated, inverted, asymmetrical and many other styles of the choppy bob. Getting these layers will create a textured look that boasts of added movement and definition for both thin and thick hair. 


Sliced bowl cut

FAQs about short haircuts

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The modern version of a bowl cut is much fancier, with the fringe sliced into sections to make it NOT look like a meme! If you are looking for an edgy look that pushes the boundaries of androgyny, this short haircut for girls is the way to go. The voluminous roundness of this haircut works great in balancing out long or oval face shapes. Slicing into the fringes also helps soften angular features for a feminine look. 


Buzz cut

FAQs about short haircuts

Image courtesy: @gabriellarosie

A haircut that was strictly limited to men, the buzz cut has gotten popular with women recently - especially with risque fashion girls like Kristen Stewart and Doja Cat. A pair of clippers to give you a ‘buzzed’ head is all you need to nail the look. But this one is not for the weak at heart - the buzz cut is a bold fashion statement. So make sure you are fully committed to following through because it will take a LONG time to grow back! 


Short undercut

FAQs about short haircuts

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Another haircut that focuses more on the technique is the undercut. This edgy look is achieved by shaving the hair around the back and sides of your head and leaving it longer on top. Traditionally sported by men, this haircut was popularised by the androgynous fashion trend. You can get a short undercut with any kind of style at the top. It is versatile and suits all kinds of face shapes and hair textures. However, undercuts require frequent trims so if you are willing to commit to that, then go for it! 


FAQs about best trendy short haircuts for women

FAQs about short haircuts

Q. What are the short haircuts that make you look younger?

A. Some of the short haircuts that can give you a youthful look are wavy bobs with soft bangs, pixie cuts, textured lobs, fringed chin-length cuts and messy shags.

Q. How can I test if a short haircut will suit me?

A. Stand in front of a mirror with a pencil and a ruler. Looking straight into the mirror, place the pencil horizontally under your chin. Then, take the ruler and place it under your ear vertically and measure the distance between the tip of your ear to the pencil. Lesser than 2.25 inches and short hair should look great on you, otherwise, stick to longer haircuts. 

Q. Do tall people look good with short hair?

A. If you are tall with a slender figure, it is usually recommended to stick to longer haircuts. This is because a cut shorter than your chin will look unbalanced. If you do wish to try a short haircut, go for a length that skims your shoulders. 

Well, here are some of the trendy short haircuts for girls. So, if you want to change up your look, book an appointment and take some hair inspo from one of these stylish haircuts. 

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