These Layered Cuts For Short Hair Are All The Hair-Spiration You Need

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
 These layered cuts for short hair are all the hair-spiration you need

A lot of people are usually of the opinion that layered haircuts look better on people with medium to long hair, and if you prefer to have short hair, then it is better to stick to a more uniform hairstyle. But let us tell you that this is really not the case, and that layers look totally flattering on all hair lengths, including short hair. Nope, we aren’t kidding!

Additionally, getting layered cuts done on short hair is an instant way to add a touch of feminine grace to your hairdo without trying too hard. But since the length of your short hair ends between your ears and neck, we understand if you feel like adding layers just seems like a wasted move. But right from giving your hair the illusion of a bit more length to delivering oodles of faux volume, layered cuts for short hair could easily be your blessing in disguise.

In this article, we have listed seven unique layered cuts for short hair. If you are planning to go for a haircut sometime soon, then here’s all the inspiration you need to give yourself a makeover and look uber stylish!

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of getting layers done on your short hair, then the following reasons will definitely convince you –

  • If you have naturally straight, thin hair that ends up falling flat, then adding a few layers will provide the illusion of volume.
  • It gives your hair a lot more depth and movement.
  • For people with thick hair that feels weighed down, strategically placed layers help reduce the weight and make thick hair feel more manageable.
  • Layers help frame your face beautifully to enhance and soften your features
  • Since layers give your face a feminine appeal, they look good with almost any type of outfit – Indian or western.
  • It gives you the flexibility to style your hair in many more unique styles without looking mundane.

Now that you are convinced about the awesomeness of layered cuts for short hair, let’s look at some styles that will definitely make you book an appointment ASAP!


1. Layered bob with bangs

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

Image courtesy: @zoey__syu

This short, straight layered bob with eyebrow-grazing bangs is a really fun and flirty look that we absolutely adore. This trendy haircut looks really modern and the poker straight bangs give it a very chic and sophisticated appeal. Since this haircut does not go too far from your natural hair texture, it is also super easy to maintain and care for. The best part about this short layered hairstyle is that it would look good on almost all face shapes – be it oval, round or square. If you have particularly angular features, then this face-framing haircut will help soften your features beautifully.


2. Soft layered bob

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

Image courtesy: @Charlie Orona on Pinterest

Soft layered bob hairstyles look really stunning on people with all hair types. Since this haircut does not really have sharp lines that are typical of a bob haircut, it is really easy to style and can be paired with a lot of different outfits. This haircut would look especially great on someone with thin and fine hair, as the soft choppy layers would end up giving the illusion of volume and thickness. Ask your stylist to give you face-framing layers that work for your particular face shape for a more customised haircut.


3. Choppy layered bob

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

Image courtesy: @Love Hairstyles on Pinterest

If you are a fan of edgy haircuts and do not mind experimenting a little bit, then this choppy layered bob should be right up your alley. The asymmetrical look of this short layered hairdo looks effortlessly messy and is a style which exudes endless appeal. You can style this haircut to look super sleek, wave or curl it, depending on your mood, outfit and occasion. This haircut looks fantastic on women with thinner, longer and oval face shapes. If you have a round face shape, ask your stylist for slightly longer front layers to make your round face appear a bit more angular.


4. Layered pixie with side bangs

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

Image courtesy: @Southern Living on Pinterest

Another layered cut for short hair that is definitely not for the faint-hearted is this layered pixie with side bangs. The layers in this hairdo help add a lot of crown volume to the pixie cut, which would have otherwise just fallen flat. The choppy, shaggy look of this haircut makes for an effortlessly sexy appearance that will definitely win you a lot of compliments. The side bangs in this hairdo ensure that your hair does not fall flat and has a lot more movement and dimension. To elevate this haircut further, you could add a few highlights in the right places and you’d definitely have a winner.


5. Feathered lob

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

Image courtesy: @Latest Hairstyles on Pinterest

If you have naturally straight, thin hair, then layered, feathered bob hairstyles are the chicest and easiest to pull off. They are really easy to maintain, because all you gotta do is shampoo and condition your hair, and once it is dry, this haircut will automatically fall in place. If you are looking for a pretty, delicate hairdo that looks good on women of all ages and face shapes, and one that is really easy to pull off, then this layered feathered bob hairdo is just the one for you.


6. Choppy layered curls

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

Image courtesy: on Pinterest

Just because you have curly hair does not mean you cannot cut your hair short. In fact, adding layers to a short curly hairdo enhances the natural volume of your curls. The brow-grazing curls help frame your face and give you a fun, flirty and youthful appearance. If you are looking to go for an edgier look, then add a few highlights and lowlights to your hair for added dimension.


FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

FAQs about layered cuts for short hair

Q. Should you get layers with short hair?

A. Short haircuts usually have a more defined shape as they are not bulky and do not weigh down the shape of your cut. By adding layers, your haircut will look a lot more defined and voluminous at the top. So if you have naturally thin hair, then getting a shorter haircut with layers will help make it appear thicker and more voluminous.

Q. What are some trending short haircut styles of 2020?

A. The short retro shag is making a huge comeback in 2020. But instead of the softer and deliberately messy appearance of the shag, the 2020 take on this hairstyle is a lot softer and more flattering. Additionally, the modern shag hairstyle is tailored to suit each person’s age, personality and face shape, making it that much more personalised.

Q. Are bangs with short haircuts trending in 2020?

A. Bangs are definitely huge and trending in 2020. People are becoming a lot more experimental with the type of bangs they are choosing this year. From celebrities to influencers, everyone is seen getting bangs and styling them in so many different and fun ways.

Main image courtesy: @short_hair_ideas on Instagram

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