Short locks are gorgeous. They are edgy, chic, and totally in trend, not to mention short hair is easy to manage as well. With so many hairstyles available nowadays, many are opting to chop off their mane for a spunkier hairdo. But when it comes to wedding hair, short-haired beauties fall a little short and get a little panicky.

Your wedding is the best day of your life, and of course, you want to look your best. Why let your short mane come between you and your joy? You can keep your short mane and at the same time sport a hairstyle which goes well with your wedding attire.

Yes, it is possible. So, without further ado, let’s present to you some of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair.


1. Floral side part

Floral side part

This is a gorgeous wedding hairstyle for short hair with a slightly longer length than the regular pixie cut. Hair has to be styled into waves and then one side can be pinned and decorated using flowers. Dainty and not demanding at all, this is a beautiful bridal hairstyle which will definitely have people turning back to get a second look!


2. Pinned pearls

Pinned pearls

When you have short hair, you can experiment a lot with accessories. That doesn’t mean you go overboard. Take two strands from the front and pin them back. Add two pearl clips to fasten it and you are done! This look is chic and will perk up your outfit like no other.


3. Floral braids

Floral braids

When you think of wedding hairstyles for short hair, surely, braided hair is not what immediately comes to mind. But it can be done! Create two braids using the front strands, fasten those with pins, and accessorise with a beautiful floral band. The resultant hairstyle is mesmerising and will take everyone’s breath away as you walk down the aisle.


4. Side bangs

Side bangs

Who said short hair can’t be wrapped up into an elegant hairdo for a wedding ceremony? Accentuate that short hair with side bangs, and throw on a delicate headband for added effect. This will go well with your veil and will look really pretty.


5. Beachy waves

Beachy waves

Nothing works better than beachy waves if you are not fond of elaborate hairstyles. Open hair with elegant waves are breathtaking and simple to create and manage. Just leave your hair light and loose and pin your veil towards the back of the crown. This is one of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair, without actually involving much styling.


6. Big on boho

Big on boho

Who says your accessory cannot be bigger than your hair length? Go boho on your bridal getup with leaves, flowers or jewels. Get the ends trimmed to get your length perfect and then make it even better with a boho headband.


7. Pin up

Pin up

If you are someone who is high on simplicity and wants a formal touch to your wedding attire, this is one of the best wedding hairstyles for your short hair. The trick is to choose the perfect hair clip that goes well with your wedding outfit. Go simple or a little chic with it, simply sweep all your hair to one side and pin it up. You are done!


8. Half-up half-down

Half-up half-down

This is one of the simplest and sweetest wedding hairstyles for short hair. Hair is styled in beach waves and then half of it is swept up and pinned. For added effect, a flower or jewel can be added.


9. Faux bun

Faux bun

Want a bun but don’t have enough length? You can actually fake it! Sweep all your hair back and fasten it with pins and then cover it with a large flower bun. Top it off with pearls, if you wish.


10. Short bun

Short bun

If you are not up to using flowers to fake a bun, here is another one from our edit of wedding hairstyles for short hair. Backcomb the hair to create volume and create a small high bun. Accessorise it with roses, especially focusing on the part below the bun but higher than the nape of the neck. This will give volume to your hairstyle and make your bun look pretty.


11. Low twirling bun

Low twirling bun

A low twirling bun works even for short to medium-length hair. Keep a few strands out that can frame your face delicately. Add a beautiful floral jewel to wrap over the bun. It will add volume to the hairstyle.


12. One strand braid

One strand braid

This is quite an easy one. From the front, take a strand and braid it. Pin it in a way so that it is hidden inside the rest of the hair. Leave the rest of the hair fresh and open. This is one of the best bridal hairstyles for short hair if you are a bride who wants a no-fuss arrangement, and yet wants to look dressed up.


13. Hair extensions

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are always a good idea if you are not comfortable sporting your cropped hairdo at your wedding. Choose the extensions closest to your hair shade and get creative with hairstyles for long hair.


14. Short pixie curls

Short pixie curls

You have heard of pixie cuts. They are short, edgy, and cool. But what if it could be styled into curly and delicate waves? Yes, you can do that for your wedding and transform your appearance in a jiffy.


15. Messy bun

Messy bun

This one goes well with both western and ethnic ensembles. You have to get your hair styled with a lot of volume and then use the messy strands to create a low bun. Remember that while the appearance is messy, the bun needs to be fixed securely so that it does not come off easily. You can add a few delicate, small flowers to accentuate the look.


16. Strand out, half-pinned

Strand out, half-pinned

This hairstyle is simple to create and elegant to look at. A thick strand of hair is taken out from one of the sides in a neat manner so that it just covers one half of the forehead. The rest of the hair is styled into a neat half-pinned hairstyle.


17. Curled up bob

Curled up bob

Have bobs that are growing out nicely, yet are not long enough to style into a bridal ‘do? Curl those up. These not only hide the ends that you are not willing to cut at the moment, but also give a delicate and beautiful look to your wedding attire. Focus on the curls at the lower half of the hair length and keep the upper hair straight and a little wavy.

Image courtesy: Pinterest