Colouring your hair is fun. But maintaining this hair colour and getting it to look fresh, while caring for your precious strands is where the real struggle begins.

Noticing your freshly coloured hair fading, and developing a dull and brassy tone a few weeks into getting your hair coloured can be quite heartbreaking, noh? I mean, you haven’t spent all that moolah only to watch it go down the drain.

But fret not because preventing your hair colour from fading is something you can control once you know what exactly is causing it. Read on to find out five sneaky reasons that could be responsible for your hair colour fading faster, and how to prevent it…


01. You’re using the wrong shampoo

5 reasons your hair colour is fading faster than it should

Using the wrong shampoo could be the number one cause of hair colour fading so fast. Once you colour your hair, make sure to switch to a colour-protecting shampoo. These shampoos are gentler on the mane and contain fewer chemicals than typical shampoos. They also come packed with a host of amazing ingredients that strengthen the hair cuticle, which prevents the pigment from leaking out, thereby extending the life of your hair colour.

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02. You have low porosity hair

5 reasons your hair colour is fading faster than it should

Having low porosity hair could be another reason behind your hair colour fading faster. This basically means that your hair is unable to retain moisture and protein, both of which are necessary for your hair colour to last longer. Therefore, it would be a good idea to indulge in a moisturising treatment before colouring your hair. This will moisturise your strands and give the hair colour something to cling onto, making it last longer. Additionally, applying some leave-in conditioner to damp hair will close the cuticle to seal in both moisture and colour.

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03. You’re using hard water

5 reasons your hair colour is fading faster than it should

If your bathroom gets hard water, then that could be why your hair colour doesn’t stay on much longer. Hard water contains different minerals and elements that can damage hair and make the colour fade faster. If you don’t want to install a shower filter, we recommend you wash your hair with filtered drinking water to minimise damage.


04. You’re not using a heat protectant

5 reasons your hair colour is fading faster than it should

Regular heat styling can leave your hair really dry, dull and damaged, which can make your hair colour fade faster. If giving up on heat styling completely is not an option for you, make sure to use a heat protectant spray before going in with your styling tool. The silicones and moisturising agents in a heat protectant will prevent damage and protect your hair colour from fading faster.

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05. You’re washing your hair with hot water

5 reasons your hair colour is fading faster than it should

Hot water showers can be relaxing, but it is not doing your hair colour any favour. In fact, hot water can end up opening your hair cuticles, making the hair colour super-fast. Always use lukewarm water to shampoo your hair and cold water to rinse your conditioner. This will not only make your colour last longer but also make your hair appear healthy and shiny.

Image courtesy: @dishapatani